Another birthday letter


You're TWO! (Or, as you would say, while sl o w l y and carefully poking one, then two fingers up (never the same two, mind you!): "One.... two!")

As your birthday has approached, I've been thinking of all the things I love about you, my youngest son. I love your little voice! You have recently begun really talking, and that has been so fun for us... to hear what you say and how you say things. This is always one of my favorite stages as a mama. When each of you begins talking, your personalities unfold just a bit more and it's a delight to see! Let me try to list all the words you are saying. You say mama, daddy, Lella, eek (Isaac), unk (milk), eat, huck (truck), deet, peas? (drink, please?), up, down, boots, shoes, ock (sock), urt (hurt), ong (song), pay (play), ball, gey (froggy), orse (horse), ay (neigh), ow (cow), moo, aink (oink), seep (sleep), ook (book), urk (work) oooh! (no, said very emphatically!), oof-oof (doggy), key-key (kitty), ee (sorry), bye, poo-poo, to name the ones I can think of right now. (Are you seeing the same pattern I'm seeing? Yeah... you often drop the first consonant! :)) And another thing that I'm realizing as I think of the things you say. I'm pretty sure that each word you speak ends in an exclamation point! You are very expressive, my little guy.

You have the cutest new habit. If I stub my toe or bang my hand or say "ouch!" or frown or anything of the sort... you, with a very concerned expression, ask, "Key, mama?" (meaning "Are you okay, mama?") You are very concerned about others' owies, always asking, "Key, eek?" (eek meaning Isaac), "Key, Lella?" "Key, daddy?" Yes, buddy, we're okay.

You are also very affectionate. You often run up to me, wrap your arms around my neck, and plant a kiss upon my lips. And when I hold you, you lie your head down on my shoulder for a sec to snuggle.

I love how you want to sit on my lap ("ap, mama?") when we read stories. I love it how you point out and say, "mama? huck!" (truck), or "mama? oof-oof!" (doggy) I love the way you take your little cars and drive them up my arms and legs if I'm sitting on the couch. I love watching you clean up, making frequent trips to the garbage and leaving daddy and I to wonder, sometimes: "What did he just throw away?!?" And then we'll check. Usually it's garbage, but sometimes you've just tossed a toy or book or something in there, too. :) I love how you wander around the house sometimes on your tiptoes. I love watching you want to be so grown up like your big brother and sister, always, always wanting to do what they're doing. I love it how you crawl around on the floor pretending to be a lion, growling at Ella and Isaac. But then if they or we join you, you get scared. I love it that you wake up each morning so happy, talking and laughing and squealing in your crib. I love watching you climb, be daddy's helper outside, how you love to get dirty! I love you! You are so much fun and such a joy!

My prayer for you, dear son of mine, is from 1 Chronicles 28:9 (spoken by David to his son Solomon). And you, my son, acknowledge the God of your father, and serve him with wholehearted devotion and with a willing mind. I pray that more than any other thing. That you would serve God with wholehearted devotion. That you would know Him and love Him. And I pray, too, that God would give your daddy and I great wisdom as we raise you, so that your strong will, your passions and fierce emotions at times will be guided and controlled so that you might be used mightily some day for His kingdom.

One more thing...I can't help but think of your birthmother during this time of year, Isaias. I wonder what she is thinking as this date or season approaches. I'm sure she thinks of you often and wonders what you look like and who you have become. Oh, I wish she could see you now. She would be so delighted and proud of who you are. I wish I could give her a huge hug and say thank you... for giving you life and for allowing us the privilege of raising you. I've been praying for her this week, that God would bring her comfort, and that ultimately she would come to know Jesus. And I've also been praying that someday you would be able to see this woman who gave you life- your mother- and hug her yourself. Wouldn't that be wonderful? So now that the tears are running down my face, I'll close this letter.

I love you, sweet Isaias. Precious boy of ours. You add so much to our family, and we are thankful God placed you into it!

Loving you,
Your mama


  1. Oh, Stacy!
    That one made me tear up. What a precious letter to sweet Isaias. And what a blessing he has in you. LOVE the picture at the top by the way. And you praying for his birth mama? Now, that warms my heart.


  2. Happy birthday little Isaias!

    Stacy, I love the birthday letters you write to each of your children! This was so beautiful, even though it made me cry.

  3. What a sweet letter and how blessed he is to have you as a mother! I love that you have been praying for his birth mother. You have such a sweet, loving spirit that comes out in every post and I'm sure in your everyday life.

    Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!
    My youngest will be 2 in a couple months. :)

  4. Stacy,

    Your sweet letter to Isaias made my eyes tear. What a treasured gift to your children ~ these wonderful letters you write. Happy Birthday Isaias!!

    ~Amy Crawford

  5. Adorable picture, first of all.
    And second, you have been so blessed with that little guy! What a wonderful thought to pray for the birth mother, too - she would be blessed beyond measure to see the life little Isaias has been given by God.
    And now that the tears are running down *my* face...

  6. Happy Birthday to Isaias! We have a two year birthday this week as well.
    It's beautiful to see how God puts the orphan in families!
    Blessings to you,

  7. Happy Birthday, Isaias!!

    We are so honored to have shared in these first two years of your life...if even from miles and miles away. I love hearing about all the things you do.

    You are so blessed, sweet boy...and you are such a blessing!!

    Chad, Michelle, Brock, Erica and Micah

  8. Just found your blog today. I love this post. I have a little one just turned two as well, and your boy reminds me of him!

    My adoption blog is


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