Why I haven't been posting

I'm at Amy's house and posting this entry from her computer. For some reason I have been unable to sign into Blogger from my computer, and I have no.idea.why.not! Grrr. I was thinking it was a Blogger error, but... the problem must be on my end. I am so brainless when it comes to anything technological. Seriously. Things were working perfectly fine on my end for weeks and all of a sudden, I can't log in or post a comment on anyone's Blogger page. All I get is a really slow load up and then a stark white page or pop-up box.

Anyway- I wanted to take a sec to apologize for the no-posting days... I am praying I'll be able to figure out what's up and be back to posting soon!


  1. Hopefully you can read this....

    We got the baby!!!!

    Come on over to our adoption website. Just cut & paste this link:


    Can't wait till your computer is back and running. I have been missing you!

  2. Well....at least your excuse is legit...I just haven't been on...


    love you!!


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