More on teaching a child to read

Thank you all for your great comments on my last post!

I've done two things since then.

One: I put a copy of Phonics Pathways on hold at the library so that I can peruse it. (For free. Dontcha' just love the library!?)

Two: I wrote a little book for Ella, per my dear friend Kimmie's suggestion. (Kimmie is an experienced mother of six beautiful children.)

The book(let) is very short, and goes like this:

Page 1: The cat.
Page 2: The cat sat.
Page 3: The cat is sad.
Page 4: Ella pats the cat. Happy cat.

(and since page 4 is Ella's favorite page, here it is:)

This was a HUGE hit. This morning she was so proud of herself for being able to read "a whole book", and kept telling her brothers, "That's really what it says. I'm reading what it says." And she can't wait to read it to daddy when he gets home. Thanks, Kimmie!

Next up: Mark is working on book number two. Something about a pig. I'll keep you posted. :)


  1. Seriously?? You are amazing! OK we make books too - but I cut out pics from magazines.
    So cute!
    And on that thought - its fun to print pics from a trip event and make a book. The kids love to 'own' those books too.

  2. Oh Stacy;

    What a beautiful book and Ella I am so proud of you reading. I love your picture that Mama drew!

    Isn't it wonderful to be able to read! I am so happy for you!

    Please post daddy's book too, as I have heard daddy is artistic. If he is as good at pig's as he is at pancakes, perhaps mommy and daddy will have to find a publisher!

    Rejoicing with you!


    Isn't God so good!(the answer is YES!)

  3. How fun!! We have some "home made" books from when the kids were loearning to read too. I can't take credit, though. Aunt Dona created them. I will have to dig them out...surely I saved them somewhere...and Micah should be reading anytime now!! =)

    Super cute! I want to see Mark's, too!!

  4. Hi Stacy (and Ella)!

    I just remember that we took some of our books to the printer and had them bind them! (a little fancier, but a wonderful keepsake!)
    My sister also laminated one(with nice cardstock quality acid free paper...not sure they even had acid free back then??) but we still have it tucked away. Bella just loved it! Have fun!

    Love you guys;
    ps- we made a 'dog book' for Antonio (King Meemer) this morning-it wasn't as fancy as your's, but we had fun doing it together. We will color all the pages this week and by the end of the week we will really know each word well (including the word-Hunter!) YEAH!!

  5. The book is so cute! I wish I could draw like that! Not sure if you have heard of "". My daughter and I went there together when she was beginning to read and it was a fun learning thing to do together.They have neat songs to help them remember some of the phonics rules. Great activities for practice.

  6. Love it!! You are such a great artist. No wonder your daughter loves it.

    On another hubby said we could adopt if we can find it inexpensively and closed adoption...what do you think!?

    Hope all is well with you.

  7. Great book, and great idea. My drawing abilities are severely limited but my kids don't seem to mind, so perhaps I shall try it.

  8. Stacy,
    I'm enjoying your blog (as always.) I'm a phonics believer (with a handful of sight words thrown in) and we used Phonics Pathways for our oldest. It was boring but worked great. I love your Ella book (thhe art is way better than the Bob books!) My kids also loved Study Dog, a computer game which is a phonics program, but my kids thought it was a game (and still want to play it.) It's at

  9. Cute Book! I remember after i had my son back in 1992 that I bought "Pat The Bunny" $10.95 for a kids book. I opened it up and it said Bunnies eat carrots. turn the page Bunnies Hop. I remember thinking I can do this. So I wrote a chilren's book and drew pics to go wit it. I spoke with a friend who said that if I was serious I would have to show a publisher that i was marketable. I made my book into a trilogy and them turned it into a series.

    I had my cousin try and draw some pictures for me but it is not what I saw in my minds eye.

    That was 15 years ago. I pulled the books and idea off the back shelf recently as my kids are now teens. of course there were those 'Stupid' teenage mistakes that needed my attention. It became apparent that I would probably need to wait until the kids are in college.

    My idea is great though but soon not just yet. This is okay. I hear that timing is everything.


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