Beginning again

One of the first treasures I gleaned from the blogosphere was the idea of reading a Psalm each morning at breakfast with my children. We promptly added this to our morning routine, and it has been a tremendous blessing for us to begin our day reading aloud the prayers and praises found in the Psalms.

Last week we came to the final Psalm. And this week we began all over again. We're changing it up a bit this time around and reading from the KJV instead of the NIV.


  1. Oh, man! I thought that was a wonderful idea too, and I think we made it to about the fourth Psalm. I'm glad you brought it up, and glad you stuck with it. Perhaps we shall start again!

  2. We do this, too! I'm curious: when you got to Psalm 119, did you read the whole thing?


  3. We do this, too! As well as some simple catechism for the children (and parents, too!) It's a wonderful start to every day, yes?

  4. Rebeca,
    Oh, DO start! I can't recommend it enough!

    Well, we read the whole thing, but not in one day! :)

    YES! Can I ask what catechism you do?



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