Just so you know...

The supermom/wife/nurse that I was at the outset of this flu has completely worn off.

I guess three days is my max.

Because I am so done.

The fact that every two seconds someone (and usually all four of them) is coughing? It completely irritates me. I mean, really. Can't they HOLD IT IN, for crying out loud?

The fact that someone needs a drink and they want me to get it for them? Well, I'd like a drink myself, thankyouverymuch. Would anyone like to get that for ME?

And frankly, if you're feeling well enough to sit and play with toys I'm thinking it's quite time to start doing your chores again.

And the whining? ARGGGH. I could holler about that. (Oh wait. I have. A few times already today.)

So before you click away, would you pray a second that God would fill me afresh with His spirit and that I will be full of love and grace and kindness today?

That'd be great. And now I think I may have a full 21 seconds with which to take my shower (it's 10:39 am) before someone needs something from me again. I mean: before I get to serve my family again and so I'm just going to go ahead and take that opportunity now.


  1. Stacy, I'm hopping in the shower right now myself, so I will be praying for you while I'm in there! :) By the way... have you been praying for patience lately? You know how God works; He's got such a sense of humor, huh? :) Thanks for your vulnerability; serving our families is indeed selfless and very hard work during sicky times. BIG HUGS to you, and I'll just blow some kisses to the kiddos. :) And water?... If I was there, I would definitely come bring you a huge Eggnog Latte. Blessings on your home! ~ Camee

  2. [Stacy here, again.]

    And another thing you should know is that I was being a tiny bit sarcastic in that post. And I really, really, REALLY love my family!

    Just not when they're sick for more than 3 days, apparently.


  3. Oh, Camee, you're so sweet. And I would literally burst into joyful tears if you brought me an eggnog latte today. Especially since all the coffee places are done with the eggnog already. (Tragic, I know.)

    I'll just go ahead and reward myself with a *huge* bowl of chocolate-y ice cream at the end of my day, how's that? :)


  4. You enjoy that chocolate ice cream tonight, girl.

    I just took a few moments to pray for you, and will continue to do so today... praying that He will give you grace for the moment-- each moment, one at a time. And I'll also pray for speedy recovery for your dear ones!


  5. I prayed for you, girl! You take a long shower: they can wait a few minutes! And, um, what kind of chocolate-y ice cream are we having tonight? Because I'm there for ya...:-)

  6. Stacy, I've been reading your wonderful blog (I just love it) for some time now but never commented before. Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you today. Must be one of those days where God wants to perfect his power in your weakness, huh?!

  7. Praying! I've had my moments of feeling utterly finished and overwhelmed by it all lately too. Taking Alethea to the doctor this afternoon, finally, hoping to get to the bottom of it.
    Bless you!

  8. Thank you for your honesty, I mean really 3 days is plenty for anyone to be sick and for you to take extra care of them!! Good Luck with that love,grace,and kindness thing!! :)
    ...praying for speedy recoveries!!

  9. Sorry to hear you are all sick. Maybe it wasn't a good idea for mom to drag Seth to Mark's party after he had been sick in bed for 3 3 days...If you want I can make you all an appointment with Dr. Foster:) but he will just read off of webMD anyway. Let me know if you need anything. I make a mean Little Ceasars pizza.

  10. Icky, icky! Sorry all your babies are sick! I know how hard that is!


  11. You are the perfect blog writer. Really. Every time you post, I just love you more. This cracked me up.

    I do wish I could come rescue you for a few hours.

    I'm going to pray RIGHT NOW for you; for your refreshment; for rest and blessing and NO MORE COUGHING. Love you.

  12. And THIS, my sweet friend, is why I LOVE YOU SO DEARLY!!!! :)

    Hope everyone is on the mend very very soon (for their sake and yours!)

    And (just to defend sweet little Isaac) sometimes when you have sinus pressure, your teeth really do hurt...you really should move closer to that doctor-friend of yours....what is her name???

  13. honey, i FEEL YA! this is always the worst, worst part. you'll get through. promise. hugs!

  14. Cough, cough .... Hack, hack ...

    Seriously, thanks for taking such good care of us all. You're the best.

    - Mark

  15. Beka,
    Oh I *will*. [Enjoy the ice cream!]
    Thank you for praying, sweet Beka.

    Thank you for praying!
    And as for the ice cream, it will be Tillamook Mudslide (and for anyone who is unfamiliar with that SCRUMPTIOUS ice cream, it is: "Rich chocolate ice cream with chocolate fudge pieces and a thick fudge ripple.") So. There you go. I am *so* going to enjoy that.

    YAY! Thank you for commenting. I like it when people comment. And thank you even moreso for your prayers. I needed them. :)

    How is Alethea?
    Thank you, sweet friend.. for praying! :) I'm saying a prayer for you all, too, right now!

    I KNOW. 3 days *is* plenty! ~grin~

    You crack me up. Especially the part about Dr. Foster. HA! And the Little Caesar's offer. You're sweet. I'll have to take you up on that sometime. :)

    Thank you!

    Aw.... sheesh. Thanks.
    I would have LOVED to be rescued by you!
    And thanks for your prayers.

    Aha. Well, he's been so persistent about his teeth aching I knew he wasn't making it up. I'd just never heard of that before. Filing that fact away for future reference .

    Thanks! Hugs right back atcha'.

    HA HA HA. VERY funny. I'm sure I've got more of that coming ALL NIGHT LONG.
    Oh. And you're a pleasure to take care of. I love you SO MUCH! And I like having you around. :)

  16. Hi Stacy :) Catching up very late here! Praying, too. Love, Q

  17. Oh Stacy - I have been wondering how you and the gang have been holding up. Prayers headed your way dear.

  18. You're hilarious, Stacy. I can SO relate. When Jason stays home sick I actually get kind of excited to take care of him and dote on him. At first. Let's just say it doesn't usually last very long. :)

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  20. I absolutely love finding others who have such a love for our Lord.
    A big prayer has been sent for you.
    I remember those days when all my children were sick...only they did it one at a time, not alltogehter:(

    May I say that I've tagged you...if you would like to play please visit my blog for the rules.

    God bless!

  21. Sick days are hard! I hope your family gets better soon and that you stay well!


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