A sight never before seen on our couch

Our littlest man is sick today.

This sturdy Guatemalan boy rarely gets sick. And this lethargy is definitely a first. The house is unusually quiet today with this little guy abed.

But this mama's heart is thankful for the extra snuggles this day has brought. Isaias is generally so busy I can't get him to stay in my arms for a full minute.

But today? Today he's been tucked into my arms several times, fully content to rest right there.

Pure sweetness.


  1. I hope he gets better soon!
    I know what you mean, though, about the snuggles! My kids have rarely been sick either, and both of them get so cuddly when they are. Alethea is on the tail end of a stomach bug and I've spent hours with her in my lap over the last several days. It really is a sweet time with them, especially when they're normally so very busy!

  2. Hi Stacy :) Praising with you for the sweet, sweet cuddle time - and praying with you that Isaias will feel much better very quickly. Love you so! Q

  3. Poor little guy, but I can understand about the snuggles.

    Hope he gets better real quick.

  4. Precious sweetie. I am glad he let you nurture him to health!

  5. I know what you mean. I hate when my energetic child is sick. But I love how she just melts in my arms and STAYS there.

  6. Awww...what a cutie. My little guy walked into his bedroom and bend in half on his bed and fell asleep by himself a few weeks ago. I was shocked and took a picture too.
    Not thatIi like when they are sick but I like the cuddles too.

  7. Awwww - get better soon Isaias!! And mama - enjoy those wonderful snuggles!!


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