On why my husband is the best there is

(Reason #6,000,000,001)

I've mentioned before that we live in a small-ish house. It's an older home, with lots of character, and I genuinely love our home. But occasionally I do wish we had a bit more space.

I've also mentioned that I have this thing for rearranging furniture. I'd say about every 3 months or so we have an entirely different living room arrangement. I reposition the couches and our chair-and-a-half, and the rug and the lamps and the end tables. I may hunt around downstairs or in other rooms to add "new" furniture, too. I do this mainly in the living room, but also in the bedrooms. Now, the bedrooms are pretty small. In our room, we can squeeze in our king-size bed, a small bedside table apiece, and one dresser. And that's a tight fit. But that doesn't mean I don't still like to rearrange it all.

Several months ago I was in our bedroom in a cleaning/decluttering/rearranging frenzy-- trying to come up with some way, some how, to make more room. And suddenly I had an idea: we could remove our bed! (By "bed" I mean our sleigh bed, not the mattresses.) I figured if we took out our sleigh bed (beautiful, but adding an extra foot and a half, maybe two feet because of it's girth), we would have all this extra space! How fun would that be? So when Mark got home from work, I proposed the plan: Let's take our bed apart and simply sleep on the mattresses for a season. See how we like it.

And now we're getting to the "On why my husband is the best there is" part. He was game. We took everything apart- which is no small task, taking apart a big ole' bed with little room to maneuver. And then we carried all the pieces downstairs and leaned them against a wall.

And so we've had these wide open spaces around our bed for some time. I love it. Other than the fact that our pillows always slide down along the wall by our heads during the night and the metal frame kept sliding around on our hardwood floors- we couldn't figure out how to lock the wheels-, so we had to continually shove it towards the wall. But oh, the space! Bliss!

And then yesterday, on a whim, I decided I missed our bed and wanted it back. So I tentatively broached the subject with Mark, "Honey? I was thinking we should move our bed back up. What do you think?"

And I tell you: he was completely happy to oblige.

He did not sigh.

He did not roll his eyes.

He did not groan.

He did not complain one iota.

Not even when, after we'd moved all the pieces back upstairs, propped our mattresses against the closet door and he was ready for the putting-the-bed-back-together step, he asked, "Now where are those side pieces you carried up?" And they were in the closet, where I'd put them. You know, the closet behind the mattresses we'd shoved against it. (Small room, remember? Not so easy to get things moved around in there.) ~Whoops!~

But as I said, he did not complain once.

See? He's the sweetest guy around.

[Thanks, honey! I *love* having our bed back in there. So now, what do you think about getting rid of your bedside table to free up some more space in our room? I am SO kidding.]


  1. Awwwww, that is so great. Aren't hubby's awesome?

    We did something similar recently, and I still don't miss the headboard. It wasn't as nice as yours sounds, and it is serving a purpose in the guestroom downstairs...

  2. My man is pretty incredible, but I'm fairly confident I couldn't have pulled that off without some eye rolling directed my way.

    So happy for you, sweet friend, to have such a great guy.

    And I can't remember if I commented on the foster care post or not, but I am THRILLED for you!!! Your love for those little ones will change lives. I knew God would make a way. :)

  3. Sweet story, Stacy. What a terrific guy you have. Have a blessed Sunday. Love, Tami

  4. I have always known Mark is the best man in the world for you!

  5. I think my husband must be your husband's long lost brother...

    When we moved into our new home, we had an 18 month old and a 4 year old. Well, I thought it would be "so neat" to have a little garden pond out back with fish, so my Man took his entire weekend during 80-90 degree weather and we dug a huge hole about 8 feet wide and two feet deep - dug in solid pack clay with rocks using little shovels. Whew! Awful work.

    Sunday afternoon we got the liner stretched out and the water filled, when I saw to my horror our little girl teetering on the edge, and my son throwing things into it and nearly knocking his sister into it. I panicked. I didn't say anything until very late that night, when I burst out crying and said I had made a horrible mistake and I couldn't live with "that death-trap" in our backyard. He just smiled, patted me on the back and said, "It's okay, Sweetheart. We'll fill it back in tomorrow morning." No anger, despite the whole back breaking work and heart attack weather. He got up extra early and we filled it in. Whatta guy! He never has been angry about that.

    We've got some good ones. We're so blessed, aren't we?

  6. He sounds sooooooo sweet! I'm telling you, I love hearing about/talking about our Godly men!

  7. aww, dont ya just love those sweet hubby's? :0) I've got a great guy too.


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