We have way too many...

gift bags (oh.my.word. i think we had over one hundred gift bags. what can i say? we have large extended families, thus many birthdays, and apparently i've saved every gift bag we've ever gotten. and bought some along the way. i tossed a bunch of them but we still have three drawers full.)

candles and candle holder-y type things. (now down to one drawer.)

vases (seriously, readers. i had so many vases it was ridiculous. i scaled way back to about 12. which is still probably way more than we would ever use at one time.)


photos (i'm still not sure what to do with all the photos. do i keep all photos? take the time to organize them all? put them in albums? will i ever even do that? (michelle, will you please oh please lend me donna?))

clothes (all six of us)

books (but i can't say we'll be getting rid of many (any?) of those. but if we don't, we're going to need some serious shelving.)

toys that can't easily be categorized. (ie- the legos and lincoln log type toys don't bother me. those are all together in a bin. but then there's all that other STUFF. ~sigh~

papers (ugh. the papers.)

what about you? what do you have too much of at your house?


  1. Before Raphael was born I went through all the kids' toys. I got rid of some and put some in the attic. (Someday we can get them out and probably get rid of them since no one has missed them!) Everything else has a bin- Legos, Playmobil, Wedgits, etc. There is one tote full of dressups, and then each kid has one bin/trunk for their miscellaneous toys. Poppy's is mostly dolls, etc. and Peregrine's houses his swords and that sort of thing. It's made cleaning up SO much easier not having all the random little things that don't really belong to any set around. Now there is a place for every toy and it's been so helpful.
    Now, if I could just do that with the rest of the house!

  2. Those last four... definitely. I sort through books several times a year, but we still have way more than our bookcases can hold. Same goes for clothes - constantly sorting but never under control. And papers are just ridiculous. I don't know if I'll ever feel like I have a handle on those. As for toys... always a struggle, but we have pared down the "miscellaneous toys" to one drawer (or bin) per child. Everything else is categorized or gone. I am so proud of your organizing spree!! You are inspiring me to get back on track sorting and decluttering and getting rid of much of our excess!

  3. my list looks a lot like yours. we definitely have too many clothes. i have a hard time saying no at garage sales when the cutest things are only .50 cents. we definitely have way too many toys. i'm working on downsizing those before another round of birthdays comes.

    thanks for giving me motivation to go through my closets. :)

  4. Much of them same as you!!!!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my bloggy. It meant a lot to me!

  5. Hmm, well some people would say children. But not me, never too many children.

    I'd have to say things saved for 'memory' sake...but with 6 children I should be a little more selective.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  6. i gotta say it...POOP.
    no, silly people, not mine...my children's.
    I thought the days of dealing with poop were over when the last of my five were potty trained but lo-and-behold...now they just use so much toilet paper that when they flush it gets stopped up and runs all out of the toilet and there i am again...up to my elbows on someone else's crap.

  7. Too much of everything I guess. But what a neat idea to get us thinking on that path...and maybe acquire less in the future!!


  8. I think we have too much of everything (all the unnecessary things)!

    I am a scrapbooker, so I love to put my photos in scrapbooks when I have time (which is not very often). To keep from being buried by the piles of photos until I can get them in a scrapbook, I use photo boxes. I leave the pics in their envelope (I have digitals printed from SnapFish, so they still come in an envelope), write the date on the outside of the envelope, and store them chronologically in the photo box. The outside of the box also has a little slot where you can insert the dates contained within. Works great, they stack neatly, and there are some really cute photo boxes these days!

  9. Ok - we have too many ...
    papers (drowning under papers over here)
    clothes (the type that aren't worn any more but just clutter the closet)
    pictures (online and actual prints)

    If I gave myself more time to think, I know I'd come up with many more disturbing realities :-)


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