Why I love four

[Photo: This is Isaac's new self. He's a cowboy. And he wears denim jeans, an old denim jacket of Mark's, a bandana, and this hat. He's worn it every day, everywhere, for the past week. (Prior to that he was a Knight every day for months. Now we're on to cowboys, apparently.) At nighttime, he keeps the bandana on and hangs his hat up on a chair next to his bed.]

We've been immersed in cowboy of late, checking out books from the library, and having lots of cowboy conversations. I've been using it to my full advantage, too. Things like, "Isaac? Mama asked you to sweep the floor. Be quick. Cowboys work well and quickly." I've been calling him "cowboy", and he'll regularly ask me things like, "Mommy, what would a cowboy do if someone took his lasso?" (This particular inquiry came directly after Isaias had taken Isaac's lasso (which happens to be a belt) from him.).

Another conversation, this morning:

Isaac: What do they call cowboys?

Me: Cowboy. Just like I've been calling you.

Isaac: When I get bigger than I'm gonna get real cowboy clothes. Like real boots and stuff. 'Cause that's what I'm gonna be when I grow up.

Me: Oh, yeah?

Isaac: Yeah.

Me: Well, if you're planning on being a cowboy, you're gonna have to learn how to ride a horse.

Isaac, thoughtful: But what if someone else has the horse that I want?

Me: Well, if someone else has the horse that you want, you'll have to see if you can buy it from them. And then you'd have to go and work REALLY hard to earn the money you'd need to buy that horse. Then you'd say, "Here's my money for that horse", and then you'll have your horse!

Isaac: And then I'll ride away on my horse. [He pauses, thinking.] But then I won't live with you anymore, mommy.

Me, (a bit teary, honestly.) And then with a feigned shocked look on my face: What??!

Isaac: Well, I'll be a daddy. And I'll have to ride off on my horse to find a mommy. [He means his wife.]

Me: Come here. (I pull him into a big hug.) Okay. But will you and your wife get on your horse and come back to mommy's house so that I can see you?

Isaac: Yeah.


  1. That is too cute, Stacy. What a sweet lil' cowpoke you have. It's going to be so fun when my babies get into that more imaginative stage... thanks for the foretaste!

  2. That is so tender...it made me teary too! I love the part about riding off on his horse to find a mommy (wife, of course!!!)!

  3. Oh what a sweet post! Love the picture. :)

  4. Hi Stacy :) What a cutie! I love how he shares what is on his mind - lol.

    A book series suggestion: have you read any of the Billy & Blaze series by CW Anderson? We read some of them last year when Miss M's horse phase began, and they were fun. Love, Q

  5. What a sweet little boy-- it just melts the heart :-)

    Sorry I've been rather scarce lately! Hope things are going well at your house. I'm sure your littlest sweetie is growing like a weed! Not much new around here; still w-a-i-t-i-n-g for the next step of the home study, which is moving along at the speed of a weary turtle.


  6. Stacy,
    My youngest boy and girl are both 4years old. They say the sweetest things and their paryers are the most precious. When they sing to the Lord it fills my heart to full.
    Have a blessed day with your sweet bunch. In God's Love, Tami

  7. So sweet and what a little thinker!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  8. Yeah, he is about the cutest boy ever, I agree. And he is a cowboy. Today, I came home and, lo and behold, he wasn't wearing his cowboy getup. I was shocked and asked him if he wasn't a cowboy anymore. He was appalled at the question, and informed that he WAS STILL a cowboy, he just wasn't wearing cowboy clothes right then. Of course.

  9. Mark,

    He misplaced his hat today. And that completely threw him off.

    So he was a football-uniformed soccer player (but kicking around a basketball). Might he need a little sports instruction, Daddy? ~smile~


  10. I think 3 and 4 are the BEST times. They're just showing flashes of what they'll become. Sounds like you have a funny little man on your hands.

  11. What a cute boy!!!
    I remember when Brock wanted to wear his cowboy boots ALL THE TIME!!! so fun.



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