I really have nothing to write about. But I feel like such a slacker blogger that I thought I'd better pop in for an update. (And I'm very sure that once I get going I can ramble on and on about all sorts of things.)

-I'm in the kitchen today, doing some of that decluttering/spring cleaning. So far I would have to say this is the most overwhelming room to date. All those drawers and cupboards! Yikes! I've been a little lazy with it because frankly, I'm not sure where to even begin. So far I tackled The Corner Where We (okay, I. I . It's me. It's all me.) Dump Everything and the windowsill above the sink. Which I realize hardly seems like anything at all but I assure you, those areas were in need of some serious attention. Oh, and I also removed a bunch of stuff that was taped to the front of my cupboards/kitchen walls. Apparently I tape a lot of things up on the cupboards/walls/mirrors. Notes, cards, photos, verses, TO DO lists, etc. Which is all very good but it does look cluttery. So most of that is now gone.

-So far I've finished three rooms and a closet: the living room, our bedroom (a two-day job), the bathroom, and the hallway closet.

-I threw away the most stuff from the bathroom. (I kept telling myself things like: "Sure, that lotion smells good. But really. It's been sitting there smelling good inside of that bottle on the shelf for a few years, now." So a lot of stuff got tossed.

-I gave away the most stuff from the bedroom. Clothes in bags ready to go to the Goodwill.

-Can I just say? I love having a clean and decluttered house! Maintaining those rooms when they begin clean is so... nice (for lack of a better word). I am SO turning over a new leaf.

-I'm dreading the basement. The playroom and storage room, especially. UGH. That storage room has boxes of stuff in it we've held onto for years.

-We've decided not to save anything for a garage sale (more work and time), and give it all away instead. Which is smart, really. Because if we did decide to go the garage sale route, I could foresee us setting everything aside and then, well, not having one for a long time. (Mark doesn't have Saturdays off, and the appeal of having a garage sale, me with all the kids, is completely lost on me.)

Enough about that... and onto other (random) information:

-Adelia is sleeping through the night! She's a gem, that girl. And then she wakes up at 6-something for her bottle, drinks that and then sleeps until around 10 or 11. Ella was like that, too. (Except with Ella, when she was sleeping in until 10 or 11, I was sleeping right along with her. Not so these days. :)) Past 11am, though, any sleeping she does she likes to do in my arms. And she does like to sleep past 11.

-Isaias is no longer napping. So that makes three kids with quiet times, and let's just say that whole "quiet" part of the quiet times needs a lot of work.

-Spring is here! The garden is ready for planting, (and--when are we going to do that, honey?) Our tulips are blooming along our front walk, we have bouquets of early Spring flowers on our mantel and table. And the kids want to be outside everyday. I love it.

I am so sorry for the Most Boring Post Ever. I'm done. Really, I am.


  1. Ok - this was SO not.boring.
    I'm proud of you for the cleaning. I need to give my kitchen cabinets an overhaul. We need to wash all of our windows, and I want to redo Selena's room as well as the guest room. I also need to reorganize in our office. Haven't started yet!

    Sigh. Why am I babbling about this? Anyway, Addy is such a sweetie. Her sleep schedule sounds delightful.

    Enjoy your family, and spring!

  2. LOL, Stacy! I agree with Beverly - so not boring :)

    It's a joy to hear what you are in to and up to and thinking. Love you! Q

  3. I agree, it wasn't boring! That is great about your decluttering. It's amazing how much the stuff in our lives can really weigh us down and be overwhelming. I try to keep in mind that I want to use my time (as much as possible) on relationships/loving others, rather than on maintaining my stuff and getting more stuff. I applaud you.

    Wow, sleeping through the night! That is so great! Loved hearing from you. You have been in my thoughts, which sometimes I still find a little odd about the whole blogging thing. We've never met and yet you feel like a close friend. It's kind of a weird, yet wonderful thing.

    Ok, wow, I just wrote a little book here. I'm done. :)

  4. You couldn't bore me even if you tried. I've missed you, truly. I've thought of you a lot this week. Like every time I walk by the bag full of stuff I need to send you. And everytime I walk in a messy room and think, "I should totally do Stacy's plan of a room a day." And when I've checked my blogroll and you're nowhere to be found. Love you!

  5. Stacy,
    This is Kristen Kill from Hillcrest years ago... I got to your blog from Cutzi's and just love it. Thank you for sharing all that your life is about. I would really love to just pick your brain for hours about alot of the things you are writing about. So, Thank you!

  6. I love your "boring" posts!

    And oddly enough, I am going through the same decluttering process as you are right now, AND my goal is also to have it completed by the end of April. My birthday is April 30th and I decided a month or so ago that I wanted to give myself a decluttered house for my birthday this year. :)

  7. Not so boring... good to throw/ give away because as you said, "Yard sales are a lot of work." Just decluttering is enough.

  8. Well..*I* found it interesting!!! :)

  9. Aw... you are all so good to me! Thanks for not thinking I'm a bore. ~smile~


  10. You have 4 children, there is NO possible way for you to be boring!

    I was blessed with good sleepers, as well. God knew I can't function without my sleep.

    Good work with the cleaning out and organizing. I would just donate my *stuff* too if I didn't enjoy having garage sales so much. (Is that bad? lol)

    And speaking of gardening, I would love your input on my post today.:-)

  11. I've been cleaning all day too! Spring Fever has hit me bad. I ended up nailing...yes, nailing NAILS into the wall to hang up my daughters library bags because I was SO mad that they are always on the floor.
    Once on the floor the books spill out.

    I walked into their room and nailed 2 nails and hung the bags up...ta dah! And ya know? I felt so much better. :)

  12. Okay. I need to just go throw out those nice smelling lotions I have kept. for years. smelling nice. INSIDE the bottles. CLUTTERING UP my bathroom under the sink.

  13. Ugh! I'm jealous that you've become motivated to start de-cluttering your house. I haven't yet, but I so need to!

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