The rain abated today so we were able to plant our main garden! YAY!


peas [we actually planted our peas two days ago, hence the different outfits in the pictures]
bush beans
lettuce (two varieties)

I was all excited about planting my Roma tomatoes, which will come in awfully handy for salsas, pico de gallo, and salads. But then today when I read the back of the seed packet it said we were supposed to start those indoors. The package actually says: Sowing Outdoors: Not recommended. I was more than a little deflated when I read that. I will be pretty disappointed if they don't come up.

Also... our strawberries are happily growing and our rhubarb is ready for its first picking.

We still need to plant our pumpkins, squash and gourds. Those go in our back garden space. And I still need to plant my herb garden, which got cleared out today (thank you, honey!) so now it's all ready for planting.

It's a huge relief to have the majority of our stuff planted. ~Whew!~


ps: I bought a Moby Wrap yesterday, (as seen in the above photos) and I love it. (So does Addie.) It's exactly what I was looking for. It's made of comfy, stretchy knit fabric -just one long strip, really- and your baby (up to 35 lbs) can be held in a variety of positions. Here's a close-up picture for anyone who's interested:


  1. Oh how fun! We used to have a big garden like that when I was growing up and I loved it! I'm sure you kids do too.

    I have a Moby Wrap as well and I use it often with our youngest foster daughter (she's now 6 months old). We both love it. :) I had mine given to me by a good friend who never used it. I don't know why. It's wonderful!

  2. Whoohoo! Garden planted! That is so cool.
    And I like the look of the moby wrap! You two look so cozy in it. And I like how it is fattering rather than... not! Looks good. :)

  3. Good job on planting the garden! I love the picture of the kids all working together. ANd I'm so glad you got and love your Moby Wrap too- Addie looks very cozy snuggled up with you there!

  4. Yay for the garden!

    Love the Moby wrap too - It look really comfortable.

  5. OHHH! I AM interested and will have to look that sling up! inspire me to get my butt in gear. We are doing our garden this weekend. :)

  6. This morning I bought lettuce and basil to plant in large planters. I have garden envy seeing your large beds! Unfortunately, I won't have a garden as big with as many veggies this year. Happy gardening!

  7. Glad you like the Moby Wrap-I've been looking at that one too. I still have a few months to decide but hearing your positive comments means a lot. Thanks for the photos and congrats on getting your garden planted!

  8. Hi Stacy :) Happy Garden!! I love the pics of the family working together. What a joy! Love, Q

  9. So can you email me and tell me if this is the first "sling" you've used? or if you've had others and just like this one best? I'd love to invest in one.


  10. Oh, you inspire me... in so many ways! It is always a joy to stop in here, Stacy.

    I appreciated seeing the pictures of your storage area. (I'm catching up here - I haven't been doing alot of blog traveling lately.) I'm in the process of sorting through all the tons of stuff that have piled up in our unfinished basement, and it encouraged me to see I'm not the only one with those sorts of out of control areas. :)

  11. I think your Roma's will be okay- I've never started them indoors, and always had beautiful, big plants! I hope for the same for you...

    You're beautiful. And your family is, too!

  12. Looks like quie the busy day! with all that you got plated you are going to have some GREAT food this summer. YUM!


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