-I think by now you're all aware of my affection for ice cream. Well. Here's some big news: my friend Talia has won me over to a new favorite ice cream. This right here: Haagen-Dazs Sorbet ice cream. Mango is especially good. Or Orchard Peach. (Talia, have I even told you this?--from that one time you and Jake brought it over here?) It's the only kind of ice cream I want to eat lately. And it's fat free. Soooo good.

-Mark has the day off this Wednesday and the plan- weather permitting- is that we will plant our garden! I am oh-so happy with the idea of beginning our garden again. Ella has told me several times that she wants her own little garden space, so we'll be factoring that in, too. [When I asked her what she wanted to plant in her garden, she said, "Those flowers daddy gave me for May Day and some fruit. But I haven't decided which fruit yet." This, from a girl who hates fruit.] And, we're going to have to come up with a plan to keep these girls out of their favorite-spot-to-take-a-dust-bath:

-In other news, we are four months behind on balancing our checkbook. Anyone want to guess what we're doing tonight? Ugh. I make it a habit to begin every single balancing-the-checkbook session with a prayer that God would help us balance to the penny. I usually begin, and go through everything once, only to find out that it's off, and then I hand it over to Mark, who goes over it all again, and who always finds all of my errors. ~smile~ Who does this delightful chore in your house?

-I'm in the market for a new sling. I love the Maya wrap of Amy's that I'm borrowing, but the problem is that in that sideways position, Addie always wants to eat. So my other option is our Baby Bjorn. Which I love- for it's support- but not for around the house. It's just not as cozy. I'd love something where she could be face up, against my chest, but more cozy than the Bjorn. Any suggestions?

-After I posted this post about doing embroidery with Ella, Randi from I Have To Say... asked me if I would write up something for her other cute blog, Me and My Girl (which is devoted to mother-daughter crafts). I said yes, and that post is up over there today. I regularly read both of Randi's blogs, so if you haven't discovered them yet, check 'em out!

-My dearest friend Amy (and family) were on vacation for all of last week. [Wonderful for them, lonely for me.] They're home again now, so all is right again with my world. Welcome back!

-Michelle tells me I should give everyone an update on the April decluttering and how that went. Oh, yeah. I'll do that. Soon.

-Mark and I are reading this book aloud to each other right now. We've tried this before, the reading-aloud thing. And it didn't work so well. [I prefer to see the words, not hear them, I can read a book so much faster when I'm reading it by myself, I'm impatient, etc] But we're giving it another go. We're taking turns, chapter by chapter. So far, so good.

-Time for me to go and make some dinner. Tonight we're having Chicken & Broccoli Calzones. Never heard of those before? ME NEITHER. I'm making it up as I go along. Wish me luck! :)


  1. Hey Stacy,
    Have you ever read WISDOM HUNTER? It's a fantastic fiction book about a pastor who is on a quest to "find" God again. Won't spoil it if you don't know. But Brandon and I read it aloud to each other and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is action packed, suspenseful, and God-glorifying. Really cool! Anyway, I highly recommend it for your next couple's read-aloud. (Only problem: it's hard to put down and might keep you up at night wondering what's next if you read it before bed, which is usually the only time to do it...) But it's good! :)

    P.S. Thanks for your kind Mother's Day wishes! I enjoyed my kids thoroughly yesterday and am sure you did as well with all 4 of yours! :)

  2. Silly me. The first comment there is from me ~ Camee :)

  3. Hi, just started reading your blog! :) I love the ETSY shop online...their is a woman there who sews her own slings...you can find her under Grandmasgirl.com. Hope this helps!
    God Bless,
    Jennifer (allbygrace)

  4. Michele@PhiloxenosMay 12, 2008 at 6:16 PM

    Although not a sling, I absolutely love my Ergo. I used a sling with my first daughter and that worked fine. It was called Nature Sway. Didn't use it so much with #2 because she hated it. Bought the Ergo with #3 and used it from 1 week onward and I'm still using it, although in the back position (he's 14 months). I also used it with #2, carrying her on my back, until she hit 35 lbs. It's a bit on the pricey side but incredibly comfortable and very snuggly. I use it around the house, at church, shopping, going for a walk, whatever.

  5. I don't know if you saw these when you visited Guatemala, but another option that requires a bit more finesse is the tsute which is similar to the maya wrap, but the baby snuggles up against your back.

    I was always so impressed as I watched my neighbor ladies bend over at the waist, swing their baby or toddler onto their back, cover the baby with the tsute and tie it across their chest in front. And off they'd go, carrying their baby on their back while balancing a basket of fruit or veggies on their head.

    Think about it. =)

  6. Camee- Yep. Read that one a long time ago. Not together, though. Glad you had a good Mother's Day! :)

    Jennifer- Welcome! I checked out that site, but that's basically the same sling I'm using now. GREAT prices, though!

    Michele- Ah.. the Ergo. I tried that one, too, with Isaias (Amy also has that one!) and for some reason I didn't like the way it fit so much. I know I'm the only non-Ergo lover out there, though.

    Helen- I bought one of those when we were there! And I TRIED to use it with Isaias but I wasn't good at tying it and never felt like he was secure. I needed a Guatemalan woman to tie it for me! ~smile~ [Plus, I like my babies in the front so I can kiss the tops of their heads! :)]


  7. I love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love, my Ergo. That's one "love" for every child I have ;D

  8. Have to say I love the ERGO too. I had a sling but it was too uncomfortable with child #3. I was won over (but ouchy the $ - it's a little expensive) by the reviews of the ERGO and have loved it for #4!

  9. Stacy,

    Have you looked at the Kangaroo Korner slings? They're pricey if you're looking to buy one new, but you might like their Adjustable Pouches; they're stretchy so you can finagle that sweetie into a variety of different positions. I've never actually used one, but my friend Kate has one and loves it, and I'm planning to get one before Little Miss is born.

    Well I agree with Michelle- I would enjoy a decluttering update, as well as a report on those calzones, which sound SO good. :)

  10. I used to get behind on the checkbook like that. Then I discovered from my hubby who did bank reconciliations for a corporation (but hated to do it at home ~ go figure ~ literally ~ LOL) that for personal accounts it is generally save to only check for past deposits being correct in the past months. Record your fees, and completely balance the most current month. If banks are wrong, they are most likely wrong in deposits made.

    So, I've done it this way many times I have been behind, which happens a lot I'm ashamed to say. I've been able to get things down to the penny! Once I tried doing every single month, and then I did it the deposits/fees/most current month to see if there really was a difference. Nope.

  11. ...ooops... I meant "generally SAFE" Freudian slip there :)

  12. I love HD sorbet! I think Mango is my favorite, maybe rasberry!

    Chicken and broccoli calzones sounds so good! Maybe I will add those to the menu this week.

  13. I love hearing what is going on in your corner of the world!
    In our house, I am the finances person. I usually do my accounts online and match them with the paper statements we get in the mail. Not so fun, I agree :-)

    I can't wait to hear garden updates!

    I didn't use a sling with Selena, but would like to with number 2, so I am curious to see what everyone thinks as well!

    And lastly, would you be willing to share the recipe if your calzones turned out yummy? ;-)

  14. Forgot to say that hubby and I like Grisham, but I haven't read this one. And I am sooooo impatient when we read out loud .. I usually peer over his shoulder and read ahead (horrible I know!)

  15. Just yesterday I was balancing my checkbook when my son came into my room. "Mom, is it true that you enjoy balancing your checkbook? Dad says that you do."

    uh, no. (I was thinking) He just wants to believe that so he doesn't have to. haha.

    The only time I read aloud to my husband is to send him off to sleep. :)

  16. I haven't ever used a sling with either of my kids. My sisters-in-law both have slings and love them, but...sorry, I don't have a clue what kind they are.

    And for finances, I am definitely the money person in my house! And I have to say...I love it most of the time. I'm a bit too OCD to go 4 months without balancing. Usually I can't help myself and balance it as soon as the statement comes in the mail. And I can NOT handle it being a penny off either. My brain just works in numbers, I suppose.

    And I'd too love to hear an organization finale.

  17. Have fun planting the garden!
    I think I've tried just about every type of baby carrier out there! And, finally, I've found what works well for us. We have the Baby Bjorn, which I like in many ways; it's fast and simple, good support, etc. We got an Ergo when Poppy was about 18 moths and it is fantastic- I could carry her for two hours with no back pain. (It was when we were in Mexico.) I haven't tried it yet with Raphael. With him I'm loving my Moby Wrap. I've always liked the idea of a sling but never liked how the weight is all over one shoulder. This distributes the weight evenly and keeps him snuggled right up to me. They can be in it in several different positions as they grow, front or back. It takes a few tries to get the hang of tying it on, but I'm really liking it. There you have it- probably way more info than you asked for!
    The calzones sound super yummy!
    Bless you and your sweet family!

  18. Take it from the mother of 13, get an Ergo Baby Carrier. Well worth the money.


  19. We are glad to be home too especially 'cause I missed you!

    Is that what our chickens are going to turn into! They are huge!

  20. I loved your post over at 'me and my girl.' I am learning embroidery, too and it is just so much fun. Also, we like ham and broccoli calzones with sweet potato fries. Hope your dinner was great.

  21. See? I know everyone loves their Ergo (Kendra, needanap2, Renee, Rebeca...). I just didn't like it. But now you've got me thinking I should try it again. [Amy- do you like it? Can't remember if you used it much...]

    Jodi- Have never heard of those, but I did check out their website. My plan is to check the consignment stores first and see what they have...
    The decluttering update will be soon... just as soon as I get rid of this sinus headache!

    Aha! Well, that sure sounds easier but I don't know if I could do it. I'm too much of a perfectionist and feel the need to go over EVERY figure!

    Mmm! Isn't the sorbet YUMMY?!

    I am the finances person in our house, too. :) It's just with the balancing that Mark helps.

    Funny about reading over your husband's shoulder! That's what I'm tempted to do, too. I keep thinking, "Maybe we should just sit side by side and read silently at the same time?" But then that would defeat the purpose, I guess. ~smile~

    Okay- the calzones... I just used regular pizza dough for the calzone part, and then for the insides: steamed (then chopped) broccoli, some chicken, cream of chicken soup, some paprika, cheddar, and some pureed butternut squash. I made up some white sauce and we dipped them in that. The kids would have liked them MUCH better had I pureed the broccoli, so I'll do that next time. Wasn't a *favorite*, by any means, but it was a good way to get some broccoli in them!

    The Moby Wrap was one of the ones I was looking at, so it's good to hear that you like it so much! And clearly I should try the Ergo again.

    I know. Isn't it crazy how much they grow in one year?

    Kind of like that "baby girl" of yours, actually! :)

    Thanks! Yes, isn't embroidery fun?
    Mmm.. Ham. I should try that next time. Bet that's good. Thanks for stopping by!


  22. Hi Stacy,

    I haven't left a comment in a while - but I am reading...often!

    It is fun to read about what is going on at your house. I'd love a decluttering update too :)

    Hope you are having a good day,

  23. Hi! I just started reading your blog (looks as though we have many similar interests.) I have to say that I really like my Maya wrap, but I absolutely love my SPOC (Simple piece of cloth) wrap that I made. Check out the Mamatoto project for simple instructions. It is super cozy, comforatable, and can be used in many different carry positions. I like how the weight is evenly distributed over both shoulders (can also be used over one). I recently let a friend borrow one for her newborn and she loved it so much she asked me to make her one too! I have a picture of myself wearing my daughter on my site if you want to check it out. ~Melissa

  24. You have definitely been holding out on the ice cream info. I was thinking of you on Tuesday, when I was in the ice cream isle picking out some for Erica's birthday...but SORBET was not even on the radar. I will have to check that out!!!

  25. HI--Just found your site and happened to read about the sling. I have a Moby wrap (a friend actually made it for me as opposed to forking over the $$ for it). I hand a Snugli with #1 and a ring-sling with #2 and hated both of them and never really used them--with #3 I have been using my Moby since we came home from the hospital (3mos ago) and loving every minute. Baby loves to be snuggled right up against my chest to nap and I love not having to worry if his older brothers are going to step on him or throw things at him when I'm not looking! There is a learning curve to getting it on right but once you do--it's wonderful.


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