Someone please remind me...

...when Fall comes, and I rant and rave all about how Fall is my very favorite season.... will someone just remind me of these?

Because I cannot even begin to tell you how happy it makes me that my lilacs are blooming. I love lilacs. How could Fall possibly be my favorite season when there are no lilacs in the Fall?

I stand corrected.

Spring. Spring is my favorite season. Spring brings lilacs. And hydrangeas (a very close second favorite flower of mine. And peonies. (A very close third.) And dahlias. (Fourth.) Oh my word I just love it when the flowers are in bloom. Isn't God so wonderful to create such beauty for us to enjoy?

This mornings cuttings brought a bit of happiness inside. On the kitchen table:

And on the mantel:

What's your favorite flower?

Also, if anyone can identify the blooms in the next two photos, you will be my HERO. This came from a flowering tree, in bloom right now (in the Pacific Northwest, anyway), and this is what it looks like:

I must have this tree in my yard. Because it smells so good. I just need to figure out what it is, first. Please help.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Hi Stacy :) I am a hydrangea girl myself - just love them! Once when I was visiting one of my favorite places on this earth, a vendor was selling bunches of cut stems on the street. I bought some and felt like a queen on a throne carrying those gorgeous stems in my arms all over the town - lol! I dried them, and they are lovely still...

    I would guess that your tree is a type of pear - but sometimes the blooms on a pear aren't too pleasing to the nose! Love, Q

  2. I believe that is the flower and leaf of a mock orange tree??? :)

  3. Looks to me like a Chokecherry. Look here:

    And you can buy it here:

    Do I get to be your hero now? ;)

    Hilary :)

  4. I'll guess!
    That is looking very orange blossom-ish.
    Remember this post? 2 years ago?? Wow time flies!

    Do the little flowers smell amazing? Orange blossom is my favorite scent - around here I leave the windows open that have orange trees near them no matter the weather, as a natural perfume around the house.

  5. Quinne-
    Well these blooms are VERY pleasing to my nose, so it must not be a pear, then.

    I'm pretty sure it's not the Mock orange tree-- at least not based on the photos I saw when I googled that.

    Maybe. At first I was going to say a definite no, because when I googled Chokecherry tree to see some photos, most of what comes up is a shrub. The trees I've seen are most definitely BIG tall trees, not shrubs. But then I did see a link that noted that if the tree is an older variety, it is a full-on tree. It looks awfully similar, but my hesitation is that NOWHERE in any of the links did they say anything about the scent. And it smells THAT good. Surely that would be in there.

    I don't know if it's an Orange Blossom or not, but I'm going to have to smell one of those if it ISN'T! From your picture it looks like the Orange Blossom leaves are pretty strong and sturdy. The leaves on this one are pretty light and wispy.


    I may just have to knock on someone's door and ask. But then they probably won't even know.

    I've got to figure this out. I really must have that scent in my yard.

    Keep guessing!

  6. From my Finnish point of view, it's definetely a bird-cherry. Perhaps. It sure looks like it. They are in full blossoming here right now.

    That's so true: I am also a huge fan of autumn, but spring is a great gift, too. I think spring makes me dream and wonder while autumn makes me contemplate and melancholic. All very necessary for human being.

  7. Livia,

    You just might be right. At least- when I looked at bird-cherry trees online it looks awfully similar. *And* the links mentioned the scent of them. Hm... I'm going to go look at more photos.



  8. it's my goal to learn all the incredible flowering trees and bushes around here...there are so many beautiful things growing wild in the PNW. we are so blessed, aren't we?

    i love spring too right now. in 6 months i'll be with you swearing fall is my favorite. :)

  9. The deal breaker for me (in choosing a fav season) is the grass and tree pollens!
    But I agree that all the flowers are exciting right now. I love how they return like old friends.

  10. I'm loving spring right now too. Beautiful flowers!

  11. Wow, lilacs are my FAAAAAAVORITE! How beautiful!


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