Yesterday morning, early. Ella (5) and I were on the couch.

Ella: "What's that noise?!"

Me: "Um...the dishwasher?"

Ella: "No, not that noise, the *other* noise!"

Me: "Okay, is it the fan in the bathroom?"

Ella: "NO, mommy. Not that. It's a different noise."

Me: (Listening for "different" noises, now.) "Oh! (excitedly) Honey, that's our HEATER coming on!!!!"

Ella, suddenly remembering what that meant, scurried over to the floor vent to situate herself on top of it. [One of her favorite spots in the house when the weather is cooler.]

The weather is indeed cooler. And I love it.

Reading Jodi's post yesterday got my mind to whirring about all the reasons this is my favorite season. So here is my own list of some of the things I love about Fall:

eggnog lattes (and i could *almost* stop right there i love these so much)
homemade chex mix
pumpkin bread
scented candles glowing around the house
our feather bed
hot cocoa with marshmallows on chilly mornings
grandma slippers (lovingly knit by Mark's 91-year old grandma)
hot bubble baths
the changing colors of leaves on the trees
spiced cider
"treasure" walks- collecting acorns, chestnuts, and an assortment of leaves
butternut squash
Bath & Body Works' Warm Vanilla Sugar scent
watching leaves drift into our back yard from the neighbor's tall trees
soft molasses cookies
the heat kicking on in the early morning hours
rubber-boot clad children
SmartWool socks
grandma's knit stocking caps
adding onto our Thanksgiving journal
pumpkin pie with a dollup of whipped cream
easy meals of hearty soup and homemade bread
making giant piles of leaves at our favorite park
a hot rice bag tucked under the covers to warm my feet
decorating for fall
the pumpkin patch
the giant maple tree at the end of our street

I asked the kids, too, for their favorite things about Fall.
Here's Ella's list:
"The leafs turn colors."
"...and because the leafs fall."
"...and because it's just so cold."
"...and when we get to pick up different leafs and go on nature walks."
(And yes, later sometime I'll remember to talk with her about the plural form of "leaf".)

And Isaac's list:
"When we went in the fall place with grandma" (upon further questioning, I deciphered that the "fall place" meant the farmer's market, which is where we were last Saturday morning.)
"...and because I saw one pumpkin with another pumpkin sitting on top of his head." (grinning)

I'd ask Isaias, too, but he's sleeping at the moment. And he doesn't really know what Fall is, so it would actually be Ella answering for him, and you've already heard hers.

Last night I asked Mark. And here's his list.


To be truthful, he *did* say something about "brisk mornings" and "seeing your breath in the air". But both of those list items were just a segway into more on football (ie: "The brisk morning air. This cool weather just makes me want to get to the park for a game of football.") So I think I'm safe saying football, as a whole, is what Mark most likes about this season.

What about you? What would make your list?


  1. The feeling in the air, the vibrant blue of the sky, the colors of the leaves and watching them flutter to the ground, being cozy, cinnamon candles, baking.... I could go on and on, but those are a few that come to mind. Autumn is hands down my favorite time of year, and I feel like I kind of missed it last year, so I'm very happy to feel it coming on.
    It's delicious!

  2. Ha! I just finished commenting on your "Trials" post and when I refreshed, here was this! I am pleased to have set your mind a whir. :)

    So first of all, I am suddenly distinctly aware of one critical item I overlooked: fresh baked molasses cookies! Okay, now I'm even more excited for fall. And I can identify with Ella's story...I playfully said to Jace the other night, "Guess what I'm about to do?" and as he guessed I turned the thermostat on in the other room and waited for him to hear the air kick in. Mark's "list" also reminded me of one item I forgot. Lazy Sunday afternoons watching the Seahawks. Love it.

    I hope you and your family enjoy a cozy candlelit evening tonight!

  3. Ooo, Stacy, you've got me hankering for fall! Our maple tree is hinting at change, and the mornings have been cool (so that the kids are sleeping in their fuzzy jammies) but it's supposed to be 90 tomorrow, so it's a little early for me to be TOO excited.

  4. And going to park with friends, getting super chilled and then going inside the coffee shop for coffee and hot chocolates!

  5. Great post-- I love fall.
    My list? Crisp, cool breezes, homemade gingersnaps, cuddling up with a blanket and a book and a steaming cup of tea in the evenings, Yankee candle's Macintosh scent, apple-picking, sweaters, baking bread, the beautiful leaves... I could go on and on and on. And best of all? Thanksgiving!

  6. Your post just made me more excited!! Still no heater on here, though...85 degrees this week. :(

    White Barn's Creamy Caramel candle
    Starbucks'caramel apple cider
    soup for dinner
    apple picking
    LEAFS! ;)

  7. Why have I never made these soft molasses cookies you all speak of? Recipe please.

    To add to your list:
    dark, sleepy mornings on the couch.

  8. Fall ...
    *pumpkin spice latte's
    *waking up to the warmth of the wood burning stove
    *slippers instead of flip flops
    *the smells of walnut harvest

  9. ahh, how I love fall. The list you posted makes my heart cozy. To bad it's still in the 90's where I live! I can't wait to see the mercury drop. This list idea looks fun, I might have to make one up myself. Many Autumn Blessings,

  10. Your list brings excitement. I echo your "rice bag tucked under the covers" -- I was able to do this twice last week! I love fall -- and I also love the Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar scent. And I must add the crackle of the fireplace to the list. Thank God for seasons!

  11. OOOoooo... I TOTALLY love this time of year! Thanksgiving is greatly anticipated at our home. It's my personal favorite as it is one of the few holidays that hasn't yet been ruined by Corporate America ~:o)
    Oh, and we just LOVE homemade soup, and fresh warm bread with cheese, followed up with pie, hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows in our crackling fireplace~~~ aaaaaahhhhhhh~~~~~bliss......

  12. Um, I would stop at eggnog lattes. Actually, just stop at eggnog. :)
    Actually, I love everything about fall, too!


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