What I did last night

Every other week Mark has a couple of his brothers and a few friends over to play poker. I try to make them some food and then disappear for the evening.

Last night I made these for the poker guys. And let me just say, this recipe is a keeper. Click on that link if you haven't already. Do you even SEE those ingredients? YUM. If you end up making these, promise me this: that you will take a dollup of that batter and eat it before you bake these. It might possibly be one of the best tastes I've EVER had in my mouth. And the final product is very good, too. (Except that I only baked them for about 12 minutes, which is 8 minutes less than that recipe says.)

After I made those treats, I made a giant bowl of popcorn for the guys. But then I filled a small bowl for myself and headed in to watch a girl movie. (The kind of movie Mark *would* watch with me, but one he would probably prefer not to.) No matter. I happily took my bowl of popcorn and the margarita Mark had made me and watched this. And cried sad *and* happy tears, which makes it the best kind of movie in my book. So very Little House on the Prairie-ish. ~contented sigh~

It was so nice.

So that makes me wonder... if *you* had to spend an evening alone, what would you do with it? What would be your idea of a "perfect" evening? And you can't say: "sleep". Well, okay, you can say "sleep" if you really need to but then at least give me a runner-up. :) And make sure to include your choice of a snack, too!


  1. scrapbooking, a warm pretzel, and then curling up to read our new Terry Brooks book out loud to my Sweetie. Perfection.

  2. When Mark has a dinner meeting at work and doesn't come home until late, I usually curl up on the couch with a book and a snuggly blanket, and a cup of tea or hot chocolate. As for a snack-- anything chocolate will do, or the yummy apple cake that's in my fridge right now, drizzled with caramel syrup. Very yummy and very autumn.

  3. My first choice would have been a good book, too-- but I don't have one I'm really into at the moment.

    I love hearing your responses!

    I'm headed to find out who Terry Brooks is right now. And Beka- YUM that cake sounds good.

  4. wow! I'll just go ahead and join you with the margarita and the chick-flick. :) Sounds great!

  5. I often do have one evening a week alone, as my hubby works. After the kids are in bed, I love to take a nice long, hot tubby with a good book.

  6. Those muffins sound great but anything with sugar will work for me. The first movie in that series made me cry like a baby, but it was great. I'm not sure if you like fiction but Francine Rivers has a series called "The Mark of the Lion" and a book called "Redeming Love" I'm not much of a fiction reader but those books are wonderful, life impacting and definately the curl up and read for hours type.

  7. Your night sounds like what mine would be! Yummy snacks, a good book or a movie - sometimes series like "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" which I am working my way through right now. I love Netflix!

    Have you read the "Love Comes Softly" series (where the movie you watched came from - by Janette Oke)? I read all of those as a girl/teenager, and it's been so much fun to watch the movies now - sends me right back to the books! :)

  8. As you know, I get plenty of nights on my own in which I have learned to enjoy reading, eating, going to bed early and watching various tv episodes online or through netflix.
    But my idea of a "perfect" evening? I would love to be right there with you sharing YOUR popcorn and the muffins you made (because you are such a better cook than me!) whatching that video with you! Call me next time!

  9. Tonia-Okay, let's do it sometime! You can choose the movie (and introduce me to one of your favorite foreign film!)

    Debbie- A hot bubble bath is high on my list of favorite things! *Most especially* with a god book!

    Trina-Oh my, yes. Those Francine Rivers' books are MY FAVORITE BOOKS EVER. Really. SOOOO good!!!!

    Elise- I used to love that show! (Dr. Quinn). You are such a kindred spirit. And yes when I was young I read all of those books, too!

    Amy-Well, I did think of inviting you (or actually, since Mike was away I thought of inviting myself over), BUT I was getting a late start (8:30ish) and didn't think you stayed up much later than that! Let me know the next time you're willing to stay up late and we'll make a plan! You can provide drinks and I'll provide snacks! I'd love it. :)


  10. A perfect evening? A good book, good chocolate, good coffee, a nice fire in the woodstove...Or, scrapbooking with good friends, good chocolate, and good coffee.

  11. If I HAD to be by myself I would definetly go for the chick flick, margarita and chips and salsa, with some chocolate on the side!! YUM! Although Francine Rivers books would be a close second,(I'm getting hooked!)
    By the way, I think you have a new "Carrie" on your blog, however, thanks for the sweet words and I know you are going to have an absolutely fab time with Michelle next weekend! Maybe I will see you if she chooses to share you with her friends :)


  12. Terry Brooks is a sci-fi/fantasy author. He writes "good vs. evil", "heroes and swords" kind of books. Not exactly Francine Rivers, lol.

    I did actually watch one of those movies and they were alright. I just don't really enjoy tear jerkers or romance novels (even 'Christian romance'). I think my book/movie preferences are a carry over from growing up watching "Star Trek" with my mom. :)

  13. roaring fire
    huge bowl of well-seasoned popcorn (I use onion powder, garlic powder & seasoning salt...or dry ranch dressing)
    a great book (right now it is the mitford series - seriously, I could stay up all night reading these books, but I don't because I am a "good-book-saver" - which means I only read so much so I will have some pleasure left to savor tomorrow. lol)
    Or a great movie - even some good tv will work.
    My favorite blanket
    Clean white socks on my tootsies
    Classical music playing softly
    Perhaps a glass of wine - but usually water!

  14. I think if I have time I just might try those muffins tonight! Thanks, friend!

    My perfect evening would involve a couple dear friends and fondue, but if I HAD to be alone, I'd go for a clean house, lamplight, a glass of wine, a good novel, and music playing in the background.

  15. Stacy,
    Right now, I think I'd 1) put aquaphor on my sad, cracked feet and then a fuzzy pair of socks, 2) make a cup of decaf tea 3) put the BBC Pride & Prejudice in the VCR and 4) knit my kids' Christmas hats. But your evening sounds like a winner. I'm going to try the muffins.
    Thanks for praying, friend.

  16. Okay, so I am so looking forward to my next free eveing so that I can cram in a bunch of these great ideas!

    Renee- I would SO enjoy a crackling fire, too!

    Carrie- Mm! Chips and salsa! So good. (Do you have a favorite brand, or do you make it?)
    And ohmygoodness yes! I recently realized that myself: about having TWO Carrie's commenting! Did Michelle forward you my email to her about that? Tell her I told you to forward the email! And I'm glad you're liking FR books.

    Okay, Jess- thanks for the information on Terry Brooks. And I'm thinking maybe it's not really my favorite genre, so I think I'll skip that one. My husband, though... might like him! I do love the tear-jerker-type movies.

    Stacey- Okay, so you have SO inspired me with my popcorn toppings! We always to Johnny's seasoning salt with sprinkled parmesan cheese, but: DRY RANCH DRESSING?!?! Yum!!! I am SO picking up a ranch packet the next time I'm at the store.

    Alas, I am nota good-book saver. I read it all right then and there. And then I have this pang of, "Oh why is that over already?!?! I'm not ready to be done yet!" when I'm finished!

    DO try them. But don't overbake. 12 minutes. Unless my oven is just super hot?

    Ohh- clean house. Good one. Especially if it wasn't cleaned by ME! (Like, for instance, if my husband and kids were to have cleaned or something. .....Honey? You reading this?.....)

    I think you should hint to your husband to read this post (So that he'll read your comment!) so that you can get this type of evening SOON! Tell him I said so! And I *LOVE* the BBC Pride and Prejudice! Oh my.

    You girls are all so much fun!

  17. Stacy;

    My favorite evening alone, wow, that hardly happens.

    Right now I'd have to say a glass of St. Michelle Riesling (2006), Indian Wells, my knitting (I am trying to teach myself how to knit socks!) and a crackling blaze in the fire place. Big 110 lb. 'Silly Bunter', our baby Golden, at my feet and Hope our rescued cat on my lap. Yup, that sounds pretty good right now, and even better if the socks match and look like socks when I am finished, lol!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  18. My perfect evening alone? There's simply no such thing. All evenings w/o you are fairly bleak. (Whatever will I do when you leave me for your jaunt to IN?)

    I do want to thank you for your generous hospitality to me and my poker buddies by baking us so many delicious treats. I'm always so proud that you're my wife.

    Loving you, Mark

  19. oh i would do the same thing! that sounds like a great night.


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