UPDATED TO ADD: Well, then. Neveryoumind about this post. Those folks at Apple do their job very well, I must say. My computer is here already and I am back online.

I'm going to be scarce around here for a few days. Our computer is very, very sick and very, very slow. So much so that we're getting a new (and improved) one. But until that one is here, I won't be doing much on the computer.

As soon as that's set up, I'll come around to all of your blogs and leave those comments I have been wanting to write. And I'll answer my emails, too.

Take good care!


  1. Poor computer! Looking forward to your return!!

  2. Well, I would feel bad for you....if it weren't for that new fancy-schmancy computer you'll be getting very soon!!

    Enjoy your break.

  3. I hope your new computer comes soon! And ENJOY it... we just got a brand new one last December and it has been wonderful.

  4. Apple is fast, aren't they?
    So glad.
    Git bloggin' missy!

  5. How nice that you already got it!


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