A little chaos

Yesterday morning I gave the boys haircuts and all of the kids baths. It was a bit chaotic, since all of this happened in our bathroom which is about 3 feet wide. (Also, the floor in that bathroom is in re-finishing mode because some previous owner decided to lay linoleum on top of hardwood. Which is more than annoying, but I won't go into it here, other than to say they did it to the kitchen floor as well.)

But that's beside the point. Our small bathroom with everyone in it has the tendancy to make me a bit crazy sometimes. Isaias was in the tub, I was cleaning up his just-cut hair from the floor (which is a complete OTHER problem. Isaias' hair is permanently placed when it falls anywhere.) Ella was just out of the tub and was supposed to be getting dressed but didn't want to because her hair was wet and she wanted me to dry it first so she was getting herself positioned near the hair dryer, and I was trying to pry Isaac from the book he was reading (as he sat in the doorway, which happened to be smack dab next to the hair dryer. Which was where Ella was trying to manuever herself. But Isaac was there. But he wasn't supposed to be there because I was telling him to come for his haircut.) Oh, and I was trying to keep my eye on Isaias so that he wouldn't drown. And he happened to be yelling, over and over again: "Wook at me, mommy! I being fishy!" Which is actually really handy, the yelling. Because when they're yelling they can't be drowning so I didn't have to be watching as much as listening.

Anyway, I finally sat myself in front of Ella's hair and saw a tangled mess. Anyone with long-haired girls knows this look. It was a sight. So I hoisted myself up, reached across the hall to where our little bathroom cupboard is sitting while we refinish the floor, and grabbed the detangler spritzer bottle from atop the cupboard. I sprayed a few generous squirts on Ella's hair as I reached for the comb, then settled in for the task ahead. And immediately realized my error.

This is what I'd grabbed from atop the cupboard:

Yes, that would be sunscreen.


Sprayed liberally on my daughter's hair.

Right after her BATH.

Does anyone feel sorry for me in that moment?

It wouldn't be so bad if this type of thing didn't happen to me so regularly, but it just DOES.

But in my defense, both bottles *are* pink. And very near the same heighth (and just so you know, I've stared at that word, "heighth", now for approximately 3 full minutes. Re-typing, re-spelling, staring. It looks so very wrong. Or maybe it's not heighth at ALL but is simply height? I have NO idea. Help me out, here, people.)

So anyway: same color, same tall-ness, same locale. (Although we may be changing the location of the sunscreen bottle. Especially since we only have need to use it about twice a year. No sense having these types of mishaps for twice a year-usage, in my opinion.)

The happy report is that sunscreen comes out a WHOLE lot easier than vaseline does.

By the way, I am now fully convinced (upon further staring) that "heighth" is not a word. Or at least, that's not the proper spelling of the word. If it is a word. But I need to go now so I don't have time to look it up. Someone must know these things.


  1. Height it is. :-)

    Oh dear! I can't imagine yoru chagrin when you realized you'd sprayed sunscreen in Ella's hair! Glad it comes out much easier than vaseline!

  2. Oops... now I made a typo. I meant your...

  3. LOL, Stacy! I am so sorry for the hideous turn of bath time events :)
    but what a joy to laugh with you. And honestly - I've nevah thought about the spelling of that word before, so a little learning, too!

  4. I'm pretty sure it's height. And to reassure you: I was in the spelling bee every year until 6th grade and practically memorized all the spelling bee words. But, I use www.dictionary.com quite often too. I'm kind of a spelling freak.

    And, I never did thank you for all your nice compliments that you posted on my blog a while back. It made me feel special (and a bit embarrassed) to know you thought such nice things about me. I thought to myself, "Well, how just does one respond to such kind words?" I decided "thank you!" was best.

    Also, I think I missed a question of yours about adoption a while back - if we were adopting again? Not specifically, but our name's always in the ring so that when God calls - we're ready. We'll see who he has next for us. We can't wait!

    And I could totally sympathize about the sunscreen - honestly! I do stuff like that ALL the time. Like for example - the other day I put Adia's diaper on Steele. I wondered why it didn't look quite right...

  5. Cutzi-
    How did I not KNOW that about your spelling prowess? How could we share a friend in Amy and I not know this about you?
    I am obsessive about spelling, too! I remember, with great fondness, all the little Spelling Bee (with a bumblebee on them) certificates we'd get in Elementary school. Our principal used to take us out for ice cream parties, all of us spelling whizzes.
    All the way up until the 8th grade, I spelled in spelling bees until I misspelled a word that I can't even type right here because I'm still so embarrassed I misspelled it. But I remember it, oh yes I do. And I've NOT misspelled it since.
    And now that I've just scanned that comment to ensure that there are no spelling errors, I can stop blabbering. (And now that I've said that I'm sure I'll be humbled by someone pointing out an overlooked spelling error. MIKE H.)

    Fun facts, Cutzi. Oh. And I meant all those nice things about you. Though I can now add "She can spell!" to my list. :)


  6. Oh, and Beka?

    Thank you. See? I knew someone knew these things! ~smile~


  7. oh - I'll tell you my word. It was book. In the third grade. Book. I studied all the way up to 12th grade words (every year) and was so nervous I messed up on my VERY FIRST WORD! Book, BOC, Book. Doi!

    That's what always happened. I guess I don't do well spelling under pressure, in front of hundreds of people (ok, maybe more like one hundred) but still...

  8. I never heard the part about sunscreen in the hair when you told me you bathed the kids. Were you just saving that funny detail for your blog, so I could read it here. I wish I'd been here so I could have laughed with you.

    - Mark

  9. Oh my - oops! I'm glad it came out easier than the Vaseline!

  10. Hi Stacey, I'm Carrie from livingonthemeadow.wordpress.com (just so your not confused!) Anyways..this post makes everything worthwhile! I can't stop laughing right now! I can SO relate!
    lovingly, Carrie.

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  12. Oh, Mark. No It was not remotely funny. Had you been here, I assure you, you would not have found me laughing.

    Carrie- YAY! I'm so happy to know who you are and glad to get that all straightened out. Can't wait to visit your blog. :)


  13. Oh, my. I am feeling sad for you. I have been in that bathroom! :) (Only all girls and add one.)

    I made the muffins. They were yummy. I think I did overcook them, though. :( I forgot about them.

    My girl night... we simply sat around with a little wine and lots of snacks and talked all night long. It was just what I needed.

    And right back at ya with your sweet comments to me. Where DO you live, by the way?

  14. Spelling is overrated. I won the county spelling bee in 4th grade and almost again in 6th. I was quite proud of that fact until my husband (boyfriend at the time) pointed out that every single time I wrote the word "definitely" that I spelled it wrong. And in fact, I did. I was mortified. But now, is it really that big a deal? He knew what I meant. Now those texting abbreviations? Like, OMG, what in the world? My fellow writer at church showed me a text from her hubby which she promised was so funny. I had no clue what he wrote. How old did I feel? Well, we won't go there, but I've DEFINITELY decided that the world does NOT believe that spelling is as important as I once believed...:-)

  15. Really, I don't think its so bad. I mean if you were able to cut two boys hair, and keep one from drowing, and not be grumpy about "unfinished projects" and not cause any of that beautiful girl hair to fall out... well your amazing in my book.
    And just in case you didn't know... I was never I repeat never in any spelling bees.

  16. I had to giggle about the sunscreen.....Thanks for coming by and visiting me in blogland. I noticed that you have also adopted. What part of the Pacific NW are you in. We are just NE of Seattle. Blessings to you, Stacy! Have a great week, and I will check back again. In God's love, Tami

  17. Cindy-
    Okay, yes. Four girls in the bathroom must be MUCH crazier. I'll give you that. *grin*
    Glad you tried the muffins. BUT DID YOU TRY THE BATTER??!!
    Happy to hear about your great girls-night.
    I live in Washington State. Far away, huh?

    I've done that, too... found out that I'd been spelling a word wrong for ages. Village would be one. I used to spell it like this: villiage. Of *course*, right? "Marriage" has that random "i" before the -age. Why not villiage, too? :)
    And now all of a sudden I'm very self-conscious about whether or not I spell definitely correctly.

    Oh, but Amy... don't you see? I WAS irritated about our unfinished project. At least I'm SURE I was at some point that morning. And Ella did lose a big knot of hair. (I was just less stresed about those things than I was about the sunscreen!)
    And your last sentence made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! Oh so funny. I love that about you. Your humor *and* the fact that you'd probably not fare well in a spelling bee. ~smile~

    Let's see... we're north of Seattle, too. And that's about as specific as I'll get on my blog. But I would tell you more in an email. :)
    And yes, we've adopted. And we're in the process again... adopting through the foster-care system.


  18. Stacy, I am very sorry for being the type of friend that would laugh out loud SO LOUD when I saw the picture of the sunscreen!! This is TOOOOOOOOO funny. I can just see it.

    Note to Stacy: remove the Nair bottle that is also pink that is in the cabinet next to the hairdryer!!!!


  19. Stacy,
    Well, thankfully you didn't wash their hair with baby oil...ask me how I know. *smile*

  20. Stacy -- I must confess -- I am choking with laughter!!

    What a mommy moment. Thank you so much for sharing this -- totally makes me feel more normal. :-) I love the knack you have of telling stories in such a funny way.

  21. yep. that's def. something i would have done.

    :0) cute story.


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