Sweet words

**Updated to add photos**

Tucking in my Isaac tonight after a long day with this boy of mine. He was a challenge all day and topped the day off by liberally applying Vaseline to his hair. Isaias joined him. I was far too exasperated to get pictures, but I assure you, it was a sight.

***Note to all mothers everywhere: HIDE THE VASELINE JAR. Vaseline does NOT come out of hair.***

I may have to shave them both bald tomorrow.

Anyway... tonight, tucking him in... I sang him his goodnight song and afterwards said, "I love you so much." He replied with, "And I love you so much." I then said, "I'm so glad you're my boy." It was quiet for just a second while he thought, and then this:

"And I'm so glad you're my girl."

Such sweet words to end this day together.

And here are the promised photos, two days after the event. The pictures don't quite do it justice.


  1. Istn't it good how God gives us just what we need at the end of the trying days? Peregrine sometimes comes back at me with "I'm so glad you're my boy!" (He knows he's being silly, but I love it just the same. Have fun with the hair. :o

  2. How sweet! You are my girl! Oh God! Isn't that cute and scary at the same time with kind of ideas they are coming up with. Vaselin putting on the hair! Why? It is very hard to get vaseline off the hair, but maybe, before you shave them try to wash it at list once with the adult shampoos? Just an idea, dunno if it is going to work!

  3. Oh my! We've never experienced vaseline in hair. I hope you can get it out.

    I love those sweet words, what a great end to your day!

  4. Somehow it makes everything okay, yes? What a sweetie.
    I hope you can get the Vaseline out without shaving - but it IS spring, and summer is approaching, so I guess it would be okay! :)

  5. Hmmmmm......wonder if vaseline would keep Micah's curls from getting frizzy????? Just a thought..... =) But seriously, girl....no pictures???? Get some today, would ya'?? Sorry about your trying day, but what a sweet ending!

  6. Okay, ladies... so far we've tried:

    a) our shampoo
    b) baby shampoo mixed with baking soda
    c) corn starch
    d) our shampoo again
    e) a fine-toothed comb
    f) another douse of baby shampoo and baking soda

    This morning Isaac slept in (which he very RARELY does), and I asked Mark, "Should I go check on him?" Mark said, "His head is probably just stuck to the pillow and he can't get up." :)

    But he did get up, eventually. And he looks a bit like a porcupine.

    Pictures to follow.


  7. Chuckle, snort....this reminds me of the cartoon Calvin and Hobbes when Calvin thought it'd be cool to put Crisco in his hair for his school pictures.

    I think Crisco MIGHT be worse, but then again, I don't have experience with this, thankfully!

    CAN'T WAIT for promised pictures!!!;-)

  8. How long is the hair on their respective little heads? Because mohawks can look kind of cool, you know!
    with love
    rebecca m :)

  9. Well, one day I'm sure you will all laugh about this!!! Sounds like you've tried several things, but check out this link to see if these ideas help: http://www.hairboutique.com/tips/tip1236.htm Good Luck! Diane

  10. Oh my! I enjoyed this post immensely! I don't have any suggestions about the hair ... but I hope you find a solution. And those words from your son are absolutely precious.

  11. I kinda like it that way!!!! =) Sorry....no good suggestions from here.

  12. Stacy ,
    My grandma put vaselne in my cousin's hair (to get the gum out!) and I think my aunt discovered that Dawn dishwashing soap works.
    Or shaving.


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