On mornings

"I don't really like Isaac talking to me when I just wake up."

"Why not, honey?"

"Because he's like.... [she thinks for a second].... so wake-upish, and I don't really like that."

(Spoken by my groggy-in-the-mornings daughter in reference to her bright-eyed and ultra cheery early-bird brother!)


  1. Ha! That's the story of my life! People are so wake-upish...

  2. Very cute, that Ella of yours!! =) And very perceptive, eh?

  3. Ha! That's too funny!
    Yes, my Corban is so wake-upish as well, Ella. I don't really like it either, but I'm glad SOMEone is happy in the morning! :)

  4. I have a daughter like yours... doesn't like to converse for awhile after she wakes up. I love her "too-wake-upish" title. :-) Diane

  5. So cute!
    The pattern I used for the bloomers and pinafore is Simplicity 4709. The problem is that it's largest size is 18 months- I had to tweak it a bit. You may be able to find a similar pattern for bigger girls, if not in the regular section, in the costumes. Some people may think bloomers and pinafores old fashioned, but I think they're timeless, and adorable!

  6. We have the same thing going on here. A sleepy girly and a very cheery little man.
    Too cute!

  7. Oh I love it! That’s so cute!! And I totally agree…..Carlos is very Talkative in the morning and he’s too “wake-upish” in my opinion too!!

  8. I can identify with your delightful daughter! My husband is extremely "wake-upish." Sometimes I ask him, "baby WHY are you so happy?" It takes me a little longer to get going!

  9. I've been on blogger for over 1 1/2 years.... even before HSB. I maintain both blogs, although I think I'm going to consolidate soon.

  10. ~grin~

    Ahhhh... yes, we are all so gloriously different!

    Much love, Stacy...

  11. Oh how i understand her! I am not morning person.... Kiss them both!


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