A few things...

It's not that there's not a lot going on at our house, there's just nothing worthy of an entire blog post. But I thought I'd give you a summation of a few different things going on:

1. The Vaseline remains.

2. This past week I decided to make homemade yogurt. My visions of a full delicious quart of homemade yogurt were quickly dashed when, after six hours, my yogurt had the consistency of milk. So I tried it again, using a different incubation method. Same results. Grr. I am determined! Another batch is in the works. I would really like it to turn out.

3. I've been in de-clutter mode around the house. So far I've cleaned out every single closet upstairs, and packed over 10 garbage bags full of stuff to get rid off. AH! It feels good. I wish I had taken before photos, because these are HUGE improvements. But the "before" is in my mind, and that's good enough. Here are some photos of Isaias' closet.

4. I've also been sewing a lot. I made a skirt for myself last week, and this week I made a pair of bloomers for Ella. I'm working on a pair of pantaloons for her now. And, I have the fabric and pattern waiting to begin another dress for her, and a dress for her doll, too.

4. We've moved our "baby" chicks from our house to their coop outside. I think they like it out there, and I like having them (and their smell) out of my house!

5. More importantly, some of you have asked for an adoption update. The update is that nothing is happening. Whereupon once again, God teaches Stacy that His timeline is different (and better! It is better!) than my own. I was rather hoping that our homestudy would be wrapping up by now. It has not even begun. I remind myself daily, "You will not miss out on the child(ren) God has for you, Stacy." I know that He is in even in this delay. That being said, if you think of it, would you pray with us for some movement in this regard? Thank you, dear readers.

Love to you and blessings for a wonderful weekend!


  1. Cute skirt!!

    ~I gave up on homemade yogurt...it was just as expensive to make as buying the good stuff (whole milk organic) and half the time it didn't turn out.

    ~Last year we had baby ducks in the house. I never want to do that again. *grin* But just today I learned that duck eggs are going for $18 a dozen around town. WHAT??? I can make a fortune on these things!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. How do you make domestic yogurt? I like your skirt very much! And closets and cleaning? Well it still waits for me to do, but i hate that :(

  3. Stacy,
    I enjoyed your post about what is "going on" in your home this week. I guess I just like a good reminder that the world, God's world, is bigger than what I can see from my kitchen window.
    So are you going to cut Isaac's hair? Is that the only way to get it out or um off? Oh and GOOD JOB on your 10 bags of stuff to give away!!! I know how good that feels. Hooray for decluttering!!
    I will keep praying for your hopes to adopt,
    rebecca m

  4. Stacy,

    Can't believe I didn't add this comment earlier. We adopted through the state too...email me if you ever want to chat about it, or just need some encouragement to HANG IN THERE!!!

  5. You know, when there seems to be little to blog about, most of the living is being *lived*, and that's why! :) Thanks for sharing the great photos and a quick snippet of your life lately...
    And I'm praying for *movement*! (((Stacy)))

  6. Great job on the skirt and bloomers! You're turning into a regular seamstress. :>
    I made yogurt once and was all jazzed about it. Then I never did it again. Maybe I ought to try. I have a crock pot with a low setting and I floated the thermometer on top and had to keep the lid off most of the time. It worked pretty well. I hope you can get it figured out. And if you're interested in kefir, let me know and I'll send you some starter grains.
    I'm so looking forward to getting the chicks, and mostly their smell, out of the house too! Soon, I hope.
    And I pray that soon things will move forward with your adoption process.
    Bless you!

  7. P.S. Do you buy diapers by the thousand???
    Great job on organizing the closets. I'm feeling inspired. I think. :>

  8. Tonia, It worked! Yesterday's yogurt batch was THICK. ~whew!~ (And I think I would have given up, too- if it weren't for the fact that I'd bought box of yogurt starter and wanted to get my money's worth.)
    $18/dozen for duck eggs? What on earth are we doing with CHICKENS?! :)
    ps- I may just take you up on your "if you ever want to chat about it offer". I'd love to hear your story.

    Beba, I am going to try my method a couple more times to make sure it wasn't just a fluke, and then I'll post what I did. Stay tuned.
    And I, too, hate the closets and cleaning! :)

    Rebecca M, I think we're going to be okay on Isaac's hair. It is still there, but I think it's getting better (?) It's not as noticeable nor as pokey-uppy. I'm hoping a couple more washings will do the trick. Thank you for your adoption prayers!

    Elise, Thank you for your prayers for our adoption. Love you, my friend!

    Thanks, Rebeca. I used the pattern number you gave me for the bloomers. I wanted to sew ric-rac on the bottom, but my machine kept arguing with me about it.
    I tried my first batch of yogurt in the crockpot. That didn't work for me *but* I didn't have a thermometer, either, which I'm thinking I should have maybe had from the beginning?! :)
    Oh, I know... we moved our chicks out a bit early (1 week?) because I was just so DONE. They are still alive, though, and seem happy. Mark says I'm like a mother hen, though, because I keep checking on them. It's really just because I don't want them to die and me to be held responsible! :)
    Thank you for your prayers, too!
    ps- re: the diapers... recently Costco had a coupon on their boxes of diapers so we bought two. AND Isaac was recently potty-trained but not before we had bought him a full box, which is okay b/c Isaias will grow into them. And there's pull-ups (two sizes) and little swimmers (two sizes) in there, too. They were all stuffed beneath his crib so I'm loving having them all up and organized!

    Blessings to all of you!

  9. Fun to catch up on all of this....glad to hear the explanation of the diapers, because I too was wondering....did she buy a truckload??? Great job on the sewing!!

  10. Wow- happy to know that about the duck eggs! I'll tell my resident egg boy and maybe we'll get going on incubating some.

    I use two Salton yogurt makers and have success every single time. One maker produces a quart of yogurt (we make two at a time), and the maker is only $17 at Amazon. If you find you like making your own yogurt, you might find the Salton to be a good investment. And, if you click through the Preschoolers and Peace links, P and P gets a kick back ;D You don't even have to purchase what you clicked through on...

    Vaseline- ugh. Has it finally come out since this post???

  11. Loved your "little things." It gives me a glimpse into the life of your sweet family.

    I loved your organization and delightful sewing projects.

    Also, as the subject of adoption is dear to my heart, I'm praying that God will make all things beautiful in His time. Praying with you as you wait!!!

  12. I hope this second try at commenting works!And I hope I'm not too late! Regarding vaseline .... I used dishsoap (Ivory is the mildest but I used Dawn)on my guys hair. Didn't bother him a bit. It's a grease cutter so it ... cut the grease.
    Loved this post!

  13. A lovely update on a life well-lived! Sewing and chicks and children and seeking Father--keep walking it, dear Stacy--it is a beautiful life you are living! (And YAY on that yogurt!!)
    I send love...
    All's grace,

  14. A lovely update on a life well-lived! Sewing and chicks and children and seeking Father--keep walking it, dear Stacy--it is a beautiful life you are living! (And YAY on that yogurt!!)
    I send love...
    All's grace,

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  16. Stacy,
    I think sometimes doing the yogurt too long makes it runny. 3 1/2 hours (no more!) is just right at our house. You can also add a quarter cup of powdered milk to thicken it up.
    I'll be praying for patience with the growth of your family.
    Annie www.homeschoolblogger.com/momco3


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