Children's Book Monday

My friend Elise at A Path Made Straight started Children's Book Mondays. I have loved reading her book recommendations, and some of the books she has reviewed have become favorites at our house.

I won't be doing this every Monday (I don't get to the library that often), but I have decided that when we have found a good book, I'll share it here. Here's my first book.

Nora's Ark
By Natalie Kinsey-Warnock
illustrated by Caldecott Medal Winner
Emily Arnold McCully

When I was born, Grandma said I was so small I looked like a little bird. That's why I was named Wren. Grandma may look small, too, but she's made of granite, and she says I'm tough, just like she is. Good thing, or we never would have survived the 1927 Flood.

And so the story begins of young Wren on her grandparents' Vermont farm during the year of 1927. When the rain begins falling in earnest, Wren's Grandma bakes bread, speculating that they might need it. Grandpa comes in from the rain and tells them to get to higher ground, and they pack up a few things and head to the house Grandpa has recently built that sits upon a hill.

Just as soon as they get settled, there's a knock on the door, and Wren and her Grandma Nora welcome the first of many seeking protection from the rising floodwaters. Many neighbors bring what little they have and often their animals, hence the title Nora's Ark.

I hope you'll check out this book on your next stop to the library, and enjoy it as much as we have.


  1. Thanks Stacey -- I have this on my list of book requests from the library.


  2. Sorry !!!! I did not mean to spell your name with an "e"! Sorry


  3. This looks wonderful! I love love LOVE books that incorporate history into the tale!
    It's on my list - check!
    Thanks for playing! :)

  4. Letisha,

    No worries! :)

    Blessings to you today!


  5. Stacy-

    Thank you for posting this review. I am going to put this on my must read list. Ever since seeing images og Hurricane Katrina on the TV, my girls are terrified of floods so this might be a great book to start a discussion with.

    Little Acorns Treehouse

  6. I picked this up at the library today - can't wait to snuggle in with the kiddos and read! (((Stacy)))

  7. I love hearing about books I am not familiar with. This one sounds delightful--we are huge Noah's Ark fams around our house.


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