For fellow fabric addicts

Randi from i have to say... has opened an online fabric store called Fresh-Squeezed Fabrics.

Today is her shop's Grand Opening. Woo hoo! If you head over and leave a comment on this post, you've entered yourself to win some *free* fabric. And then if you post about it on your blog, you get to leave 3 comments!!! And that triples your chances of winning, which is why I am doing that (well, and because I adore Randi and think she has great taste in fabric selection!)

If you're interested, head on over and comment. If not, don't. By all means, should you choose not to leave a comment, it only betters my chances of winning some of that free fabric. So now why am I telling you about this again? Oh, yeah. I get to go and leave 3 comments now!

Congratulations, Randi!


  1. Thanks for sharing this... she does have lovely fabrics. ((Must not buy any more fabric,
    Must not buy any more fabric...)
    Some of us have taken our fabric addiction too far and really shouldn't have even gone and looked. :>
    But, really, thanks!

  2. Hi Stacy :) What a fun new shop! I love, love, love two of those bundles - can just see my sweet girls in those colors... Love, Q

  3. What fabulous fabrics! It makes me want to sew... and then try to find all the pins M "dropped" on the floor before P rolls over there to eat them.


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