While the rest of you are winding down...

[First of all, thank you for sharing your own painting woes in the comments of my last post! I'm so glad to know I'm not alone in the painting-disaster-department! ]

My children have been practically begging me to do some school the past few days. I'd say we school every day (even when it's just a day full of character development, chores, and read-alouds), but I think what they were after was a little more structured school.

When our foster baby arrived in February, any form of school-with-structure immediately ceased in our home. We went for the less-structured approach of: Learn How to Take Care of a Baby, Use Quieter Voices, Please and Meet All Sorts of People with the Title of Social Worker. Oh, and... Be Patient with your Mama While She Cries.

Before our foster baby had even left us, Adelia joined us , and we have been making that delightful adjustment.

All that to say that it's been since mid-February since we've had any structured school. (Oh, a day here and there, but no routine of structured school.)

But yesterday they were pestering me again about it, so I promised that today we could "do school". And this is what we did:

:: read a story from James Herriot's Treasury for Children. [Which we all adore, by the way.]

:: read several poems from Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses. [Also always a big hit at our house.]

:: read three of Aesop's Fables.

:: read the last three chapters of Farmer Boy. [~insert contented sigh, here~] Oh, how I love these books! On to the Banks of Plum Creek tomorrow!

So basically we read, then.

But wait. We also

:: worked on Memory work, our Catechism, and read a portion of the Bible. [Yesterday we made it to the end of Psalms in the KJV, and now we're on to Proverbs.]

:: examined our new caterpillars

:: studied a new Carl Larsson painting: In the Hawthorn Hedge [Picture study is another favorite!]

:: worked on a bit of Math U See, which means that Ella did a few pages of the workbook while the boys build with the manipulatives. [They love those little blocks.]


:: chores were completed (with happy hearts, even!)

:: Ella spent time helping me with Adelia

:: I was able to work on training one of the boys in obedience. [And I continue to pray to see some FRUIT for these efforts! There are whole seasons where I wonder if I'm even making a dent. This would be one of those.]

All in all a productive day.

How was your day?


  1. Ok, so now I come over here to find that you homeschool also and have an Ella also!! Girl, you are starting to scare me. We have a lot on common! Even funnier, we haven't had formal school since Feb. either! Hahahahahaha! Tis the season!

    I am glad that someone is getting back to "normal", whatever that is right?


  2. "[And I continue to pray to see some FRUIT for these efforts! There are whole seasons where I wonder if I'm even making a dent. This would be one of those.]"

    I don't know if it encourages or discourages you to know we are still working on this year after year after year...

  3. Oh what a lovely day! Any day that includes a lot of reading is a great day to me. It sounds like you guys were very productive today.

    My day? It was very hot today and I struggled to complete every task. But now, Lena is in bed (although I hear her reading books up there), dinner is cleared, and I am looking forward to a evening with my husband. Oh - and some ice cream and cookies too ;-)

    hugs to your little busy bees!!

  4. You made me tired just reading that :-)

    Fruit? Yeah. With ya there. I feel like a broken record! I think I'll just tape my "you can't be disrespectful" speech and hit "Replay" 593 times a day. That will be much easier, right?

  5. Hi Stacy :) It sounds like you had a wonderful school day! We love, love, love the books you mentioned.

    Our day was a little wild but very good. Love you! Q

  6. My day was really good. I have a beautiful wife who saw me out the door this morning with a kiss, who had a delicious lunch hot for me when I came home, and then prepared a yummy dinner of homemade pizza and spinach salad. To top it off, she bought me some Ben & Jerry's pistachio ice cream and offered to give me a foot rub.

    Outside of that, I have three children who were absolute joys today and one who got too much of my attention through discipline. I pray we are making a dent. I know the knowledge of right and wrong is being understood by him, it just pains me how consistently and willfully he chooses the wrong. We must pray, pray and then pray some more.

    THANK YOU for being such a wonderful mommy (and teacher) to our kids. You are an amazing woman, and I'm loving you.

    - Mark

  7. Man. I'm loving HIM after reading his gush to you. What a sweetheart he is!

    And learning is so unboxable. RIGHT? You just can't box it up and say, "As long as we have a book in front of us, we're learning." Life's not like that. I wish sometimes that it was! haha.

  8. What a great post! A lot of good links here. I can't wait to check out some of these things.
    AND, how come I didn't know you have new caterpillars? I am jealous! How cool.

  9. I remember those sweet days of homeschooling in the earlier years, so fun!

    Your obedience training is ALREADY paying off, you have sweet, kind, obedient children. ;-) But, it IS a long process, not accomplished in one day. Keep up the good work.

    I read your yellow kitchen post, just as I am going to try to pick a nice "spa" but also Northwest-ISH green to go with the yellow that is in the hall and stairway (I'm NOT painting in the stairway again, EVER!!) I shall proceed very cautiously, I've tried to pick just the right green before....

  10. Angela,
    That *is* very fun!

    Ummm... discouraged?
    Here's what I'm holding onto:
    Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Oh, but I do feel weary.

    That's what I say! Any day snuggled up on the couch with children and books is pure delight!

    Wow... I know it's hot nearly everywhere else, but we've had rain and cool weather here.

    ~smile~ I like your tape idea.

    Your days are about to get a little wilder, though, Quinne, very soon! :) A few more weeks, right...?

    Oh, Mark,
    Aren't you just the sweetest man ever? [Everyone else: Haven't I told you so?]

    No words, other than I just love you so much.

    I know it. He's that great.

    And yep to your unboxable comment!

    Hilary told me about the caterpillars. We just got them y'day.

    Yes. SO fun, these early homeschooling years!
    Aw.. you're sweet. Thank you. I do see that sweetness, kindness, and obedience most days... in most of our children. And yes, it's a long process that I need much strength and perseverance for.
    Thanks for your encouragement.

    One of my favorite greens is Sherwin Williams' Artemisia (I think I'm spelling that correctly.) But it's been years so maybe they wouldn't have it anymore...?

    Have a wonderful day, all!

  11. Sounds like a great day. When we're done having stomach flu, can we come have school at your house?

  12. Sounds like a joyful, fun, wonderful day! And I'll pray for you regarding the obedience training-- I am sure that can get quite discouraging.

    By the way-- I really am OK, although it's been a struggle lately. I promise to e-mail you soon :-)

  13. Sounds absolutely wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Oh Stacey, I hear ya with the whole no "school" thing... I guess thats what happens with newborns. Am I detecting a little Ambleside Online Year One action in your plans? That is the curriculum we use and I have to say we love it! I am just finishing up our plans and hunting for resources for year 2 for Halle and year 0 fo Maia. Keep the great posts coming! I appreciate all the links and great resources.

  15. Okay, you must know about my clean house. IT IS RARELY CLEAN. I took those pictures within 3 months of moving into the house. The "photo" day was like this, clean a room take a picture all through the house. Funny, but true. If you happen to look at an old post you will see the lived in house. It sure shows the signs of over 3 years of living in and 5 people, 3 of which are boys 14 and under.

  16. Wow, Stacy, I would say you all did great!

    I can very much relate to the training and wondering if you are making any headway. Our three newest kids are going through some new phases and I'm about ready to pull my hair out. I have to pray that something we are doing will sink in one of these days.

    I am so glad you are back blogging! :-)

  17. Wow-I'm so amazed at all you got done in one day!
    And thanks for giving me ideas for the years ahead!


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