My fierce soldier

Isaac: Look! The Civil War is coming!

Me: It is?

Isaac: Yes. I had to go get some armor on because the naughty guys are coming.

Me: Who are you?

Isaac: I'm a soldier in Abraham Lincoln's army.


That's my boy.

In our last batch of library books? These two, both by Cheryl Harness:

Highly recommended.


  1. My son, also named Isaac, has the same armor but different color. He loves the sword! Love the books. We are doing American History next year and I am always looking for books to add to our "living book" collection.

    Great idea doing the run down of whats going on in your house. I am so glad I am not the only one who wears t-shirts and boxers as P.J.'s I feel like I know you so well now that I know your PJ preference :o)

  2. My kids really ot into Abe Lincoln aslo. They LOVED the audio book of Abe Lincoln And The Muddy Pig.

    This time in our homeschooling is memorable to me, because we read and studied Who Own's The Sun, It was the first time it clicked with my 7 yr old exactly what slavery was. She was heartbroken and cried for 2 days. :o(

    We loved those two books also!

  3. We have those books! She's great. And I love it when kids remember stuff. It makes it worth it. :)

  4. Stac --
    How fun!! I'm so glad you're not take a blogging break anymore...I missed your posts!!!
    Love ya,
    Ape :)

  5. OOO! Putting these books on hold right now. How fun!
    How cute is Isaac as a soldier!

  6. Are those boots standard issue? ;)

    I love when kids play out what they are learning - what a great way to see what they are absorbing!

  7. Hey, thanks for the book recommendations! I just put them on hold at our library!

  8. OH! Stacy, we must be in the same neck of the woods. (or at least you know some of my haunts...I used to live on Whidbey Island! So yes, I do know Deception Pass Bridge. )

    Eventually I'm going to do a Pacific Northwest Blog Day...when we buy a house. And we'll have a big party. If you're still around, you must come.


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