Yesterday was my 34-week appointment. I walked out of the doctor's office with appointments scheduled right up until my due date. Which is quite nice and all, but my babies are late (10 days, both of them... and I had to be induced, both times)... so really I simply ignore the happy "Only 6 more weeks!" comments. In my mind, it's 8 more weeks, and I'm sticking to it.

Baby is great, the doctor says: head down, bum to the left, knees centered and feet tucked right up under my ribs (to which I nodded vigorously. I feel those feet regularly!) I saw sweet little hair on this baby's head on the ultrasound today. Can I tell you how much I love knowing that?

When I told the kids about the hair, Ella (7) immediately asked, "What color was it?" I explained that we couldn't tell that on the ultrasound. And then Isaac (5) piped up: "But was it boy hair or girl hair?" I'm quite sure in his little mind he was thinking we could figure out this mystery once and for all: if the baby's hair was long, it's a girl, of course; short, it's a boy. ~smile~

Mama is um, feeling particularly huge. [I'm trying very hard not to think about the fact that I weigh more than Mark at this stage of pregnancy. But there you go, ladies. Now you can all feel sorry for me about that little tidbit.] And I'm very tired. I think I'm especially exhausted because I'm carrying around my sweet 10-month old Adelia much of the day. She's become such a mama's girl of late. I told Mark recently: "It's as if she knows that this one-on-one time in my arms is limited. She's getting it while she can."

I'm also feeling really nostalgic about my time with Adelia-as-my-baby slipping away. The other night she was snuggled up against me while I fed her her nighttime bottle and it hit me: This won't be happening when the baby comes. [At least, not as much.] I'll have another baby here that will need these arms, and Adelia will get them that much less. ~teary, here~ I know that before too long she'll naturally be more independent, anyway... but I'd hate to feel I'm forcing her into it before she's completely ready. Thankfully God has this all figured out and His timing is perfect.

Now if He could just help us come up with a girl name. We had our girl and boy names all chosen- for the majority of this pregnancy, but then about a week and a half ago, I started seriously second-guessing our girls' name. So the baby name books came back out and now we're back to square one. [I like old-fashioned (think 1800's) girl names, if anyone would like to list suggestions in the comments.]

A *huge* congratulations, by the way...
...to Andrea (Great story. Go read it.)
...to Carolynn
...to Kimmie (who is about ready to hop on a plane to Ethiopia to pick up her precious baby girl!)

Note: I was going to wait to post this until I could get a good belly photo on here, but I'm going to post it and get to that later. I'll let you know if I end up updating this with a picture.


  1. :) You make me smile!
    I wish MY arms could be there to fill in some gaps.

    Praying for you this morning,
    Michelle (which, by the way, was a very popular name in the 1800's!)

  2. When I was about 10, I loved the name "Mabel." A friend (and her mother) laughed me out of the water when I mentioned it, which scared me off of the idea... but I'm glad there's someone else out there who likes sweet, old-fashioned girls' names!

    And if it makes you feel any better, I ALWAYS weigh more than my husband, and I'm not really overweight! (He's several inches taller than me too--just really, really skinny.) So I know how you feel!

  3. So excited for you Stacy! And praying too!

  4. Stacy,
    I'm sorry you feel huge and tired. ((stacy)) Boy do I know that feeling. Yet here I am on the other side: nauseous and tired. I think I would take the huge and tired over this. Though neither are really all that fun! =)
    Thank you for the link--you are so sweet to point others to my good news.
    As for names, I have my girl names, but I'll share some that I defnitely won't be using that I really adore:
    Susanna,Caroline, Charlotte, Jane
    Good luck picking one, it is hard to find the "right" one, I know!

  5. I'm sure you look fabulous, even if you feel huge! Congrats on your last 8 weeks. ;-)

  6. Victoria
    Katherine (the great)

    Classy names!! Imagine what they will look like on a resume or a college entrance exam. A friend named her daughter something really trendy (not gonna say~!) and now she regrets it because her cutesy tootsie little baby girl is nearly an adult with a cutesy tootsie name.

    I LOVE picking out names. How exciting for you!


  7. Hi Stacy!

    I was just thinking about you today and remembering that you really are in the homestretch. My pregnancies are like that too, 10 days later than the due date. Someone asked me once if I have longer cycles, like 30 or 31 days rather than 29, which I do, and they explained that if you have longer cycles than the length of a cycle used for calculating your due date, you may end up with a due date that's early for the actual length of your cycle. That sounds confusing... Just someone's theory, I guess. :)

    As far as names go, I have a great grandma or maybe a great great who's name was Evaline (pronounced ee va leen). I've always kind of liked it. Bob's so not into it. I'm glad to share it! Maybe it's from the 1800s?

    Oh and I know that bittersweetness of saying goodbye to the babyness of your current baby, knowing that you will soon be welcoming another. Savor up those moments! I've always felt like doing something small but comemorative helps me feel like I'm not just letting that sweet babyness disappear. Plant a plant or make a small scrapbook page or have a special meal with your family to remember and look forward. Once I've done something like that, (well, I might just write in my journal about it extensively) I don't feel so much like time is slipping out of my hands so much.

    love to you Stacy!

  8. I love love LOVE the name Jane. My Best friends name is Jaynie (but we call her Jane) And i think its so classy and cute.

  9. Stacy, how exciting that you are getting so close. I can't believe how the time has flown, but I'm sure it had seemed longer to you.

    As far as names, I love Charlotte, Ida, Hettie, Jane and my favorite (the name of our precious oldest dd), Bessie.

  10. So glad to hear all is well with baby :o) I hear your heart about Addy and the new baby. I have a new baby but he's probably the last and as he grows(so fast)I miss it already....the littleness of him. It's so our nature to want to cuddle them as long as we can. I picked up my 50 lb. 5 year old and he said to me..."You can still pick me up mama?". Yikes...there will come a day when I can't.

    Thanks for the update.

    One of my fav girls names is Norah.

  11. Thank you for the name suggestions- some of those have made our list, too! Keep them coming!

    [Cara- Yes. That makes me feel a bit better. My husband is lean, too- but then again he's also 6'6"!]

    Blessings to each of you today!

  12. Wow... I can't believe you're so close already! I can't wait :-)

    And I think Jocelyn is a beautiful old-fashioned name-- we have a little niece named Jocelyn Rose.

    It must be so much fun choosing names! I hope you find just the right name soon.

    Lots of love!

  13. This link has some top names from the 1800's. I would say Amelia (my mom's middle name) but that might be confusing since you have A-D-elia :-)

    I love choosing names! My hubby and I discovered though that if we couldn't agree on names for a girl, it was because our baby wasn't a girl!(We have 3 boys!)

  14. Congratulations on being so close to having a new little one!

    Eliana (Hebrew)

    So fun!


  15. Stacy, I so enjoy reading your blog. I had a son 23 yrs. ago, so I was not able to use these names. I think these are Very Pretty names I hope you like one of them, they are: Isabel, Emily, Rose and Juliette. The Lord Bless You and yours Always!

  16. Here is a link you can have some fun with. You put in the name you are thinking of and it will tell you how popular is was in the 1800's until today!! =)


    Have fun, and good luck

  17. We have a Charlotte and a Lucy and we get lots of compliments on the names. I love old-fashioned names, too!


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