A few things...

1. My dear friend Amy blogged about our joint Christmas gathering here. [Pictures included; thank you, Mike!]

2. If you haven't yet seen pictures of Kimmie's sweet new baby girl, please click here to go check out how utterly adorable she is. What a wonderful gift from God; this little beauty.

3. Our girls' name is finally chosen! Mark and I are now decided. I say that with a bit of trepidation, as we were "decided" before on a different girls' name, but... I think this one is here to stay. And it better be, because if you'll notice in my sidebar? "Only 22 days to go..."

So now we're set: boy or girl, we're ready for you. And nope, I'm not telling our names. (I do, however, plan to post a contest here within the next couple of weeks, where you'll be able to guess baby's gender, date, weight, etc. So stay tuned.)

4. Next weekend Mark and I are going away, overnight-- for a little rest and relaxation before this baby comes. I cannot even wait. :)

I think that's it. I've got one child hollering from his bed downstairs, another having a fit on the couch next to me, another on the floor, fussing, and another- reading quietly in our bed. Time to get started on this day. Nevermind that it's 8:55, four out of the five of us are still in our pajamas, and I haven't given a thought as to what's for breakfast. ~sigh~

Hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. I loved your pictures (via your friends blog). It was nice to see how much fun you can have with a zillion kids. :) The last time my two friends and I got together there were 15 kids total. WOWIE.

    can't wait to see your little person.

  2. Hi Stacy,
    I hope you have a great time overnight! Derek and I actually got away last weekend and it was such a treat!
    I have to say that morning is so much better after Derek decided we should have peanut butter on toast every morning. I was trying to provide variety (which I love myself), but actually (after the initial complaining), the kids are much more thankful about the other foods I prepare :)

  3. You get to go away! I am so excited for you. I can't believe I didn't hear about this yet. So fun!

  4. 22 days...wow, was that the fastest pregnancy ever or what? I can't believe you are ready to have her already (notice I picked her).

    How fun that you are going away...God bless your time together, may it be sweet and may it seem LOOOONGG! Praying for all your littles to be cared for and of no worry to you or Mark for your getaway. HAVE FUN!

    Thanks for sharing our joy...we are so happy.

    bless you sweet dear friend!
    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  5. awwwwwwwww the joys of motherhood! lots of excitement! have a wonderful time with your hubby......


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