The Best Daddy

While I know it's been fully established here on the blog that Mark is the best daddy in the world, don't think for a second that I'm going to stop bragging about him.

I've mentioned that my husband son [Isaac, 5] loves Legos. Last month Mark made for Isaac a much-desired Larry Boy:

Since then, Isaac has been asking Mark to make him a monkey. With instructions. After all, the instructions are his favorite part. Last night after Isaac went to bed, Mark built a little monkey for him. Then he took it apart, piece by piece, and then built it again, this time taking photos of each step. He put the set of instructions on the computer so that Isaac could click through them one by one. Here's the final photo:

And this is Isaac, at about 7:30 this morning:

And if you remain unconvinced about the best-daddy assertion, let me just say that Adelia was up at 4am, 4:30am, and 5am, and Mark was up with her every.single.time. Ella was up once, too, now that I think of it. This all after Mark went to sleep at midnight.

And that's just all in the past 8 hours. Don't even get me started on yesterday.

Case closed.


  1. That's GREAT! I LOVE it! I enjoy reading your blog, but I don't know if I've EVER posted a comment. I don't lurk deliberately, however it seems I have a touch of ADD. :o) I am up, down, at the computer, doing dishes, putting up laundry, back at the pc...boy. I'm getting tired just READING it! :o) Oh yeah...and HOMESCHOOLING! :o) I have one kiddo - and I can't imagine how you get everything done with all of yours when there are some days I can't with ONE! :o) Anyway, gotta go clean some more...glad that someone else has a phenomenal Daddy, too! Isn't God good? :o)

  2. I rejoyce for you! Amen for a good man!!!!!-Tami S

  3. Love the way you honor your guy, Stacy. He really does seem amazing!

  4. Mark! The monkey WITH directions is really cool!
    That would be a good idea for Christmas/birthday gifts for family (and friends :).

  5. So nice! Erik gets up with the kids in the night a lot too. What a blessing! Love the lego instructions!

  6. That is awesome! I love that Isaac was already up and using the instructions at 7:30.

    Good job bragging on your man. :)

  7. Could Mark please email us the step-by-step photos and complete instructions (including script of what to say) for the Revolutionary War pancake drama???


  8. My Isaac loves the "inructions" too! He does get a little flustered still when it doesn,t work out easily. Go Mark! What a great idea to do the pictures...we might have to try that.
    I hear ya about the great father.....I have one of those too!


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