My heart is near-to-bursting today with the joy of getting to be mama to these five children, of the great privilege of being able to school them at home and of the wonder of each of their personalities and gifts.

The other night I said to Mark- for probably the hundredth time- "Can you even imagine having to miss this?" I know there are mothers who put their children in daycare and then preschool and then off to public school. Some do it because they must, some because they want to. I am just incredibly thankful that I don't have to. There are so many moments, throughout each day, that I marvel at and appreciate and delight in- in each of my children. From the littlest's new findings (so proud of herself for having learned to climb up onto the couch!) to the discoveries of the older children: it is such joy for me to witness. I can't imagine having to miss it.

So my heart is thankful today. And I just wanted to say so.

That isn't always the case. Often lately I feel overwhelmed by the many tasks before me each day, and I lose sight of the simple delights in this job.

But I am reminded today of how fleeting this time is-- Audra leaning against me on the couch, her bare toes flung into the air so that I will play "This Little Piggy" with her for the fifteenth time. Isaac, surrounded by LEGOS, using his God-given creativity and imagination and talking all the while as he builds, occasionally showing me his latest creation. Ella, as happy as can be, sitting on her bed with the afternoon sun pouring into her room, all curled up with a good book. She'll come out later and tell me about it and then will ask- again, if I've checked to see if the library has the next book in that series. Watching Isaias- so sweet with his little sisters, helping and loving them. Adelia, snuggled up earlier on my lap, wanting this book and then that one and then that other one and this one and more and more and more.

Oh, how I want this perspective every day: to treasure each and every moment and see such events not as interruptions, but as opportunities for joy handed to me by God.


  1. The joy of the picture is easy, but the day to day regular tasks joy is more of a challenge.

    I am so glad you had that you had that today. That you shared it & wrote it out to remember. Good job friend!

    I am glad that you get to be home with your kids too.

    I pray that the Lord only increases His gift of joy in your day to day journey.

    Love you friend!

  2. God certainly does love a thankful heart. Glad yours is filled with joy.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 6 1/2 adopted

  3. So true. It is an awesome privilege to be a mom and that we get to stay home and raise, teach, and train them.
    Some days are a struggle but, I love homeschooling too.
    Thanks for sharing your great booklists.

  4. beautiful, stacy. it' s such a priviledge, isn't it?

  5. What a happy, wonderful post. Read it again and again when you are having a bad day, it is sure to make you smile. ;)

  6. Thank you for the reminder, sometimes it is so easy other times such a challenge. They really are a gift and a Blessing from our Creator.

  7. Oh, yes, I want that too. Thanks for the beautiful reminder of the privilege of doing what and being who we get to be.

  8. stacy,
    i echo your heart completely! and i love that you've shared this. i was thinking today that there are times when i tend to "minimize" this aspect of my sheer-overwhelm-with-gratitude to be home with my girl - when talking to others who don't choose to homeschool ... and i feel like i need to "downplay" this for some reason? (that was a ridiculously long sentence ... sorry).
    anyhoo, YES! i rejoice with you over this unspeakable GIFT and privilege of raising our precious babies ...


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