New at our house this morning


  1. so cute! i wish they could stay that small and fuzzy :)

  2. The chicks are cute. But seriously. Who are all those old kids?! I can not believe it. They all look so old and mature. Where is your baby?

  3. I love Issac getting "up close and personal" with that tiny yellow chick!! So sweet.

    (this is actually Sarah, not Stephen, but I can't figure out how to sign him out and me back in)

  4. Peep! Oh they are so cute. Brings back many childhood memories for me.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 6 1/2 adopted

  5. I just want to know how you kept the baby from squishing the cute little chicks?

  6. Missy~ I know. They are so tiny and cute!

    Teri~ I assume you mean my kids. *grin* But yes, the chicks are cute, too! :)

    Amy~ I KNOW! ~sob~

    Sarah~ Yes. He's very smitten with "his" chick. He named her "Elisabeth". :)

    Kimmie~ FUN!

    Carolynn~ I think it's just her personality more than anything. Observant. Curious- but not in a rough way. And we were right there and the time they were out was short. She did reach out to touch them but is responsive to us telling her to be gentle or to stop touching. It's Adelia who is the "squisher/squeezer." Within seconds she was picking them up (rather: pinching them with her fingers as she raised her hand and then squealing "DROP!" and, yes... dropping them, too. Lovely. The chicks are more sturdy than they look, thankfully. And the new rule for her is no picking them up unless daddy or mommy are there to assist.) :)


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