This morning: at table

{...Trying to capture a little of the craziness of our mornings for you!}


  1. Oh Stacy, so precious and crazy :o)

    Honestly, makes me feel so normal. We have a screaming baby here too.

    Loved your last post. Something I long to do daily is REMEMBER the beauty, preciousness and privilege of these kids and not all the work and choas. WOrking on living in joy and gratefulness of it all.

    One day at a time.

    Thanks for sharing nice to see and hear you and those cuties.

  2. Good times! :) Audra is SO CUTE! I love Adelia's words too. Eli sure is NOT talking yet.

  3. Fun! My kids loved watching this. They had many questions about your children. :) It was fun for them (and me) to see that there are other people in the world who do school at their kitchen table with all their siblings. (I was also careful to point out how all the children in this video stayed in their seats without getting up.) ;)

    And yes, our school table comes with a screaming baby as well. :)

  4. Beautiful, love-filled craziness! The video was so much fun to watch.
    And Stacy? It was so special to hear your voice!

    {Lots of love to you all}

  5. I agree with Beka!! It is neat to hear how people sound!!! Loved the video!! My little one kept turning her head toward the screen everytime Audra screamed!! Cant wait to see more!

  6. Yep. That is how it is.

    How fun to join you for a sec. I loved it.

    My kids want to see it again, so they will have more turns after I write this.

    And in case you ever wonder why you are tired at the end of the day... just watch this and multiply the energy by the number of hours everyone is awake and you will know that exhaustion (content exhaustion) makes a lot of sense!

    Good job doing such an important job well. You are a super mom Stacy!

  7. Sandi~
    Thanks, sweet friend. Yes, we are very normal. :)

    Adelia is quite the little chatterbox. Just you wait. Eli will be chatting you up soon! :)

    Oh FUN! that you showed it to your kids! I'm so glad you could use it for some please-stay-in-your-seats reminding, too! :)

    Hi cute you! You're right- I guess that is a new element- what my voice sounds like IRL. :)

    Love to you, too, Beka.

    Thank you!

    Ha! Yeah- there is definitely some exhaustion happening at the end of *every* day. Mostly just wanting a touch of solitude. :)

    And it turns out Audra poked out a new tooth today, hence the screaming at breakfast. (Not that there's always such a valid reason.)

    Thanks, Ame... for the encouragement.

    Love to all,

  8. oh my goodness...this is so my life. I love that you shared this here. And how cute are all your kids in their adorable jammies?! Thank you SO. MUCH. Stacy! For real. You are a great mama.

  9. Oh and is the body book the one that Rebecca/Dana did? I bought that back then too. We just started it this week. We should have a body party with body food at the end of it! ;).

  10. Loved hearing your voice again, Stacy! And your big kids' voices too - (and boy are they big now!) - it's been so long. This video made me SMILE so big. Augh! The craziness and joy of it all. I agree with the others - you are a great mom, Stacy. Keep up the Kingdom work!! Love to all, Camee :)

  11. That looks like my mornings too :) Blessings to you! Your post of how thankful you are to be home with your children was an encouragement to me, I likewise am BLESSED to be home, my heart is so full of thankfulness and praise to God for His goodness and strength HE gives every day to do what He has called me to do :)
    Keep enjoying your sweet blessings....

  12. Kristin~
    Ah... glad you see some familiarity between your life and my (crazy!) one! :) Crazy but fun and wonderful! :)

    Yep. Same book. It's been fun to go through! :) You're silly.

    Oh, Camee~
    I miss you, girl! It *has* been so long. (((hugs to you, friend!)))

    Borbe Bunch~
    ~smile~ Thank you. Blessings to you and yours, too!

  13. Just loved this, Stacy!

    It's so very familiar to me!

    And I really enjoyed your sunshiny cheerful kitchen walls and your map behind your kiddos.

    Happy schooling!

    rebecca m

  14. I SO thought I had commented on this! I actually was at my mom's house working on our business when I saw this, and of course I had to call her so she could oooh and ahhh over it too. Your kids are too cute, Stacey. You always make my day~

  15. Seriously ...

    How did I miss this? I've read every post before and after, but this one slipped by me. It was fun to watch (but it's not like I don't have the joy of seeing all those precious faces every day).

    Next time I'll have to watch it with the sound on. :)


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