Orphan dolls

The orphan doll project is an idea given to my dear friend Kimmie by the Holy Spirit. I met Kimmie while we were in the process of adopting Isaias. She and her husband have adopted six of their seven children (but will VERY SOON bring home another beautiful daughter from Ethiopia). Kimmie blogs regularly over at Over the Moon With Joy. Her heart for orphans is contagious, and her passion is expressed with these words:

"I believe God deeply cares for orphans and desires for believers to wake up to the very real need of the 143 million orphans worldwide. I believe He is calling each of us to take an active roll in seeking Him on what we are to do. What a powerful field in which to send the gospel." You can read more here or on her blog.

We've had the privilege of having the orphan dolls in our home for the last several weeks. I've written a few journal entries over at the Orphan Doll site.

May God continue to speak to your heart about how He might use YOU to "look after the orphans in their distress".

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  1. I am praying. And thankful for you Stacy. Thank you for taking the time to share in this ministry ;-)

    Your pictures are so cute!

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 6 1/2 adopted


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