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If you've read here for any length of time, you will know how much I admire David Platt.  He's the pastor of a church in Alabama, and whenever I have the opportunity to listen to a sermon online, I choose one of his.  Don't ask me how I stumbled upon him-- some link somewhere led me to the church's website one day and I listened to him then and I think he's an excellent communicator of God's truth.  I read his book Radical last year and loved that, too.

Anyway:  David Platt, his wife Heather and their two boys are in China right now.  They've just adopted a little girl and he has been blogging about their experience.

Today I read his posted entitled The Gospel and Adoption and I just know some of you are going to want to read it.

Here's just a snippet:
In the gospel, you are reminded on a daily basis that there was a day when you were a child of wrath, filled with evil desires, totally unable to control your sinfulness, and desperately in need of Savior, and God reached down His hand of mercy past the depth of your wickedness in order to adopt you as His own. When there was no initiative to draw you to Him, He initiated a relationship with you. So now, when you see a child with minor or major needs, you reach out to that child, simply because you realize you are that child.
and another quote:
We adopt not because we are rescuers. No, we adopt because we are the rescued. 
Yeah.  Go read it.

If you're interested in starting at the beginning and reading their entire adoption journey, start here.

Also, for any of you fellow AGCI adoptive mothers, this post in particular reminded me so much of our experience in Guatemala, meeting Isaias' Special Mothers and saying thank you to them- especially this young woman who nurtured him the most while he was at Hannah's Hope.


  1. Is that Isaias?! Oh my, he's so cute! Thank you for the link.

  2. Thank you SO much! WOW, this was perfect for me right here and right now!

  3. I CRIED watching that clip with the "special mom".....I get overwhelmed with gratitude when I think of the women who POURED LOVE INTO our 2 youngest!! One of the greatest privileges I have ever had was taking Derek back to his orphanage last year to say "thank you" was PRICELESS to see the joy on those women's faces!!!! Love. Love. Love. your links!!!! :)


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