Remembering my life two years ago

I came across this photo the other day and I kind of marveled at this snapshot of my life just a couple of years ago.  This picture was taken when Adelia was 16 months old and Audra just 4 months old.  (And people comment *now* that my hands are full!)  Um, no.  Those were the days when my hands were positively the fullest: two babies, both of them so needy for their mama.  Nevermind three older kids that also occasionally needed me.  ;)  I spent the days juggling these two and trying to determine which child was the neediest at that moment: usually one of my little girls.  So many times it was both of them- they both needed me to hold them, to soothe them, to feed them, or to change them.  I *often* walked around the house like this- one of them in the Ergo, and the other on my hip, or we'd settle on the couch and look at books together.  These were exhausting days, and I felt utterly spent by the end of each one of them. 

I know there are some of you who are in this season right now.  I was trying to think of what I could say to encourage you.  Most importantly, this: God is faithful.  It is He who has entrusted these little ones to *you* and He will be faithful to equip you.  He will strengthen you and help you.

Some practical things: it was during this season when I dropped everything that I didn't absolutely *have* to do.  I didn't intentionally drop these things- it just happened naturally.  Things like getting the kids dressed for the day, going places, sending thank you cards (or any cards, for that matter), organization of the clothes the kids had outgrown, balancing the checkbook, etc.  (The list goes on and on and on.)  You just do what you have to do to make it through these days. 

Try to get as much sleep as you can, accept any help anyone ever offers, try to spend time with Jesus each day, take breaks when you are able (when your husband comes home you can run errands it's dreamy), pray out loud- with your kids, make simple, easy meals (or get take out), and just love your children well.  Find delight in these little persons God has given to you: laugh and play and tickle and cuddle and be silly and read another story and change another diaper- and don't forget to kiss their bare belly when you do- and watch and wait for daddy when he comes home and sing songs together and just love them. They truly are a joy.  Embrace this season.  It goes by so quickly.


  1. Great post! (I still read some of my faves in my Google Reader...shhh, don't tell)

    It startles me to admit that I can't even REMEMBER those busy times. It's been so long, but I do remember the weight of 'I have too much to do!, how am I going to get this all done'.

    It does go by quickly, and it gets better and better and better. Little hands that reached out to you for everything end up turning around and helping YOU for things. The same little girl that I read books to will loan me her Kindle. The boy that I taught Bible verses will encourage me with a verse when I'm down.
    It's coming full circle and it's amazing. Truly, parenting only gets better. (now, I won't mention how difficult teenagers are, 'cause that would be a different

  2. I think I remember first reading your blog when Audra was just a few months old. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

  3. Yes, yes, yes! Wonderful advice!!

  4. Stacy, I read this the other day and I read it again now, and I need to stop to comment and say that I think it is full of sweet wisdom. You have a lovely heart, and your children are blessed to call you. . . uh. . . Mommy? Mama? :-) (Whatever it is they call you!)


  5. hi Stacy! those days are hard, aren't they? Isn't it wonderful how we can look back on them with fondness and also encourage one another?

  6. Emily~
    I miss you! Thanks for checking in here and know that I love you and miss you. And I love hearing you talk about your kids, and how wonderful it gets. :)


    Thank you.

    dearest you: your comments are my favorite. Thank you for leaving them. :) Your words are full of encouragement and I thank you and appreciate you.

    Yes. But so, so good!

    Love you all,

  7. Lovely post! You are such an encourager. May you be encouraged yourself today. Much Love!

  8. Thanks for the encouragement, Stacy!

  9. I am there (3 months, 22 months, 3.5 years, 5 years). Thank you so much for offering encouraging and wise words!

  10. Hi! I've read your blog before and wanted to thank you for this reminder. I'm definitely in the midst of craziness---I have twin girls (nearly 4 months old) along w/2 yo, 5yo, 7yo & 9 yo. I feel like I'm drowning sometimes, but God is faithful. Prioritizing, giving up nonessentials, and accepting lots of help has helped me to maintain some sanity.


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