Assigned reading list, 3rd grade

Assigned reading list for Isaac, 3rd grade: American History

{for History}

o choose a book on Benjamin Franklin, read it, and then tell us about it!
o The Look-It-Up Book of Presidents (Wyatt Blassingame), read about our 2nd, 3rd and 4th Presidents!
o Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too! (Stanley Young)
o Great Inventors and Their Inventions (Frank Bachman) > choose 2 inventions to read about, then do a written narration, with drawings
o Johnny Appleseed (David R. Collins)
o The Story of Davy Crockett (Enid Lamonte Meadowcroft)
o The Look-It-Up Book of Presidents (Wyatt Blassingame), read about James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, and Andrew Jackson
o Sam Houston: The Tallest Texan (William Johnson)
o Tad Lincoln: Abe’s Son (LaVere Anderson)
Wait for Me, Watch for Me, Eula Bee (Patricia Beatty) OR
    Three Against the Tide (D. Anne Love)
o Mr. Lincoln’s Drummer (G. Clifton Wisler)
Johnny Texas (Carol Hoff)  *we also have the next book: Johnny Texas on the San Antonio Road, if you like the first one!
o Friday the Arapaho Indian (A.M. Anderson)
o The Children Who Stayed Alone (Bonnie Bess Worline)
o Custer’s Last Stand (Quentin Reynolds)

{other “just for fun” books}

o Christian Liberty Nature Reader, Book 3
o The Sign of the Beaver (Elizabeth George Speare)
o Wheel on the School (Meindert DeJong)
o The Sugar Creek Gang (Paul Hutchens)
o Five Children and It (Edith Nesbit)

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