Cursive: What we do

At the beginning of this year I vacillated on whether or not I should require Isaac to learn cursive.  I mean- yes, he has to learn to write his name in cursive, but is it necessary for boys to learn cursive?  Mark encouraged me to go for it, and I'm glad we did.  The first several letters were fairly painstaking for him, but he actually really likes doing it now, and I think it's been good for him overall. 

I printed out the Alphabet Tracing Guides from this site - one uppercase and one lowercase- and refer to them as a guide.  Each week I present a new letter on the dry erase board and we practice it together.  Isaac has to form at least three good letters and Ella at least five.  (Of course, Ella would happily do forty-five!  :))

We did the letter P today, so we're making good progress through the alphabet!

Isaac's page: I'm so proud of him!
Ella likes me to circle my favorites of her letters.
Ella has beautiful penmanship. 

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