Thinking.... about preschool

Mark and I tried to rent a movie from Redbox last night.  Sheesh.  What is with the fact that probably 80% of the movies that are out these days are in the horror genre?!   ~shudder~

I'll just stick to Downton, thankyouverymuch.  That's much more my genre.

I've been starting to think about doing preschoolish things for the little girls next year.   My plan is to do a letter-of-the-week thing, with projects & crafts, and to do corresponding Bible verses using this resource, again.  I've also been perusing this site for ideas.

At the beginning of this school year I made some workboxes for the girls, and that was a good plan.  Even the older kids will pull them out and play with them from time to time.

Pattern blocks.  My kids (older and younger) love them!
In our boxes: (I've starred the items that get the most use.)

Leap frog ABC letters
*Pipe cleaners + beads
wooden rods
*pattern blocks
*pom-poms + tongs (with an ice cube tray)
*dry beans with pouring cups
Lauri foam ABC letters (upper and lowercase)
Lauri foam number-thing

There are also some things I made: *a scrabble-tile-matching game,  a ribbon with felt shapes to slide over the ribbon with a button secured to the end, and a clothespins/color-matching activity.

Scrabble-tile game

These have been most helpful during read-aloud time.  The girls will often pull out a bin while I'm reading aloud, for their blanket-time. 

What are your favorite preschool resources?


  1. My preschooler loves play dough-- anything tools I can add to the bin make it novel. I made number notecards (a number, like 12, and twelve little stickers) and put them with a bag of beans. She counts 12 beans and puts them one-by-one onto each of the stickers. Perler beads are popular here as well (though they require me to get out the iron). She also likes puzzles and a bag of pictures cut from magazines + a glue stick for making collages.
    Would you be willing to email me the scrabble-letter word templates you did?

    1. Annie,

      Thanks for the ideas!

      I am such a lame mama that neither of my girls have had much access to scissors (I am WAY scared Adelia will chop off her hair. OH. Maybe it's because the one time she did have access, she chopped one of her braids. Yes, that might be why.) Or glue. I plan to work on that, though. I do feel they're a little deprived of crafting fun.

      About the scrabble-game: of course! I sent it your way. Always happy to share. Thanks for asking.


  2. That should say, "...any tools I can add..."

  3. i don't understand the horror flicks either. yuck.

    brian and i LOVE downton. LOVE it!

    watercolors, play doh, and puzzles are HUGE here. and music DVDs ... "Glory Berkner Band" is Judah's favorite!

    1. Play doh, yes. We love that, too. And water play when mommy allows it. *grin* :)

  4. Oh, oh, oh!
    Above your workboxes, you have some books banded together in groups. Tell me about that! I'm always interested in how other homeschool moms organize.


    1. Marie,

      Those are the kids' assigned books for the year, to read for history (my most recent post is the list). The books were in order on that shelf at the start of the year-- banded together with their names on them so they wouldn't get mixed up.

    2. Thank you! Very helpful!


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