Valentines Day, 2013

I remember one Valentines Day in particular when my mom purchased gifts for me and my sister:  just little gold heart rings, but I treasured that ring and her love expressed to me through that gift.  Usually we didn't receive gifts for Valentines Day so it was extra special.

I thought about that when I was at the store last night and decided to get little gifts for my kids for today, too-- to make it a special day for them, just because I love them.

So I bought each of them one of those giant bubble wands at Target and some chocolates, and I made them each a valentine card.  I set them out on the table so they'd find them in the morning.

Then I decorated a bit.  (Audra has been seeing Valentines decorations up in stores and keeps asking why we haven't decorated.  I don't usually decorate for Valentines Day, but in her 3-year old mind-- just coming out of Christmas season, when we very much DO decorate, she apparently thought we ought to.)  So last night, while Mark was working on a home project, I cut out some hearts from felt in white, pink and red and strung up a little bunting over the mantel.

At breakfast we thanked Jesus for His great love for us- and asked for the grace to love one another because He first loved us. 

Then we delivered a mocha shake and scones to daddy on his route.
Lemon scones
My mom texted this morning to ask if the kids would like to come help her decorate some cookies, (at which point I decided we were skipping school for the day!) Of course they wanted to (!) so off they went, down the street to grandma's house. 

We came home in time for lunch and these pretzels-- but shaped them into hearts.

I've been listening to the Valentines CD Mark made me- and makes me every year (this is the 20th CD he's compiled for me!  The first few he made me were actually cassette tapes.  :))  I'm enjoying that and especially his notes to me on why he chose each song for the CD- because that part is basically a love letter.  I'm so thankful for the husband God has given me in Mark.  Our marriage and our love for one another is such a gift from God and definitely something to celebrate!

What are you up to today?

Happy Valentines Day to YOU!

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