Celebrating God's goodness

I have a miserable head cold and am off to take a nap here in a couple of minutes, but why don't you head over here to congratulate this happy family, and here to congratulate this one?

God is *so* good, and I am rejoicing today!


  1. Stacy;

    Sorry your sick...hope you are feeling better. Praying that your rest will be healing and that you can find ways to sit down and go at a slower pace.

    Thanks for sharing ...a Baker's dozen adoption story blessed my heart!

    Good to hear a good adoption testimony, lately I haven't heard so many good stories. It was well due!

    bless you
    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  2. Hi Stacy :) I hope that you will be feelign MUCH better VERY soon! Love, Q

  3. Feel Better Soon!


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