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This past week I've made a number of new recipes from around the blogosphere. They have been well-received by all of us so I want to share them with you, too!

First off, last week's cheesecake recipe request. I made this one. You should, too. It was that good. The poker guys were raving about it. As were we for the next two days as we finished it off. (Thank you, Jodi!)

The following evening I tried out this recipe for Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins. Thank you, Kendra, for sharing this recipe. *So* tasty! We brought these to our Bible study and everyone ate happily.

For dinner one night last week we tried these Calzones, and those will become a regular in our home, I assure you. (As delicious as those pumpkin recipes are, pumpkin is kind of a seasonal ingredient, but Calzones? Now, those you can eat *any* time of the year!) (Thank you, Renee, for this recipe. And also for this next one...)

Another night: Mozzarella meatballs. Meatballs alone are a hit at our house, but with some cheesy goodness oozing from the middle? HUGELY satisfying meal. (And I just now realized that I have been spelling the word Mozzarella wrong for my entire life as a speller. I thought it was spelled "Mozerella". So much for my spelling gifts.) Anyway, thank you, Renee. From here on out I'm trying every single recipe you post.

And last, but not least: this morning for breakfast we tried Elise's Amish Baked Oatmeal. I've tried baked oatmeal before but have always found it too dry. That was NOT the case with this recipe. It was delicious-- moist and sweet and yummy! Even my non-oatmeal-eating kids were asking for seconds. Ella took one tentative bite and then said, "I don't think there will be any of this left for daddy!" This also marked the first time I've ever purchased flax meal and millet seed at the grocery store. Although I'm not sure what else you use those things for, they were awfully good in this recipe! :) Thank you, Elise! We'll be having this regularly!

Oh, and Michelle? We also had your breakfast casseroles on Sunday morning. (Enjoyed them all over again. The dessert-y one was much sought-after.) But I'm going to let *you* post those recipes on your blog.

So keep right on posting your recipes, girls. My family thanks you.


  1. We throw millet into our whole wheat rolls- yummy little crunchies!

  2. Yummy yummy all around!

    I haven't used millet yet, although I would like to, but as for flax meal? I put a couple of tablespoons in place of some of the flour in almost everything I bake. I also eat it as a hot cereal, boiled with water, and made tastier with the addition of dried fruit, maple syrup, and milk.

  3. Mmmm...these all sound so good. My husband would go nuts over mozzarella meatballs. We'll have to give that one a try.

    Flax seed is kind of a health superfood. It'srich in omega-3's. I have a yummy Lemon Flaxseed Bread recipe that I'll have to post sometime.

    So Michelle, are you going to post your breakfast casserole recipes or what?! :)

  4. I'll get right on that "recipe posting".....because that is SO CLEARLY a strength of mine!!

    Thanks for the recommendations...I will have to give them a try. We are better at trying recipes than posting them!

    :) Michelle

  5. yes, i really did like those millet seeds. and the flax. i *so* want you all to post recipes with those healthy items in them so that i can try them.

    and michelle? you can do it. why don't you start at the beginning, though? the FRUIT SALSA recipe?!?!? you know the one. need i go into it? *grin*
    ((love you!))


  6. I made the baked oatmeal for breakfast one Sunday too. Everyone loved it, but to me it seemed much more like a dessert. My blood was Zinging after all that sugar first thing in the morning! But yummy it was!
    Anything that you deem good is winner for me, so I'll get on trying these other things.

  7. started out your post with..."This past week I've made a number of new recipes from around the blogosphere. They have been well-received by all of us so I want to share them with you, too!"

    I assumed that meant you wanted our addresses, so you could ship the tasty treats our way...



  8. Stacy,
    Seriously, FRUIT SALSA! Michelle got that recipe from me. I think we have a problem here, Michelle is claiming other people's recipes for her own...this could explain why she is so unwilling to give you her recipes...because she doesn't really have any!! That whole thing about not having her recipes at her house while you were there, sounds kind of fishy to me. :)

  9. Amy- Well, I cut the sugar a bit but we liked it just fine. :) I guess you guys are just healthier than we are!

    Fletch- I see how that could have been confusing... :) But I know you don't need me to send you any goodies because Kendra is an amazing cook! :)

    Carrie- The fruit salsa recipe is YOURS?!?!?! Aha- she's been found out! The NERVE of her!
    I have been trying to get that (YOUR) recipe from Michelle for the last year and half. I wasn't able to make it AT ALL this summer. A whole season, wasted. *sigh* Maybe by next summer... ??? And if you want to beat her to it, be my guest.
    And I know... fishy. I was all set to raid her recipes, and then... that whole story about not even having them. Right. I see right through it, now. :)


  10. Okay, these millet muffins are to die for - you won't even believe it! Other than sprinkling it on my hot cereal, and the Amish oatmeal, these muffins are the sole purpose of my container of millet. Yumm. Eee.


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