What I did with those gourds

At the beginning of each new season I have a burst of decorating energy and decorate the mantel above our fireplace and a few other areas around the house. I have three bins for this purpose. One is labeled "Christmas", one is labeled "Fall", and the other is labeled "Spring/Summer". When I pulled out our bin of fall decorations a few weeks ago, the kids gathered around and wanted to help. In order to keep things simple and let them help (and truthfully, so that it wouldn't look like a hodgepodge of decorating clutter), I told them they could each choose one item from the box in which to place on the mantel. Here are their selections:

When Mark got home, he wanted to play, too:

(No, the Pittsburgh Steelers Bobblehead was not in the fall-decorating bin. And yes, it's still sitting on top of our mantel. Because I love my man that much.)

As for the gourds, they went in a pot on our front porch:

And here, in my window "box":

This was my mom's brilliant idea. Several years ago she thought of this and we've each been doing it ever since. When our window box flowers are done, we buy some gourds and/or pumpkins (or grow them, as was the case this year). Then we scour the town-- clippers in hand-- to find the prettiest leaves, and then we come home to our window boxes and create!


  1. Ooh-- I love that window box! What a wonderful idea!

    I think you all did a fantastic job of decorating... and I admire your loving heart that puts up with the bobblehead on the mantel :-)

  2. Beautiful! And the window box idea is brilliant! I saw it done in Martha's latest magazine actually - she should have called your mom a few years ago. ;-)

  3. The window box and the front porch pot look beautiful! Not to mention the kiddos wonderful job. The leaves on our trees and still nice and green, no sign of fall yet. Blessings

  4. Beautiful! It looks so welcoming and friendly that I want to come visit again!

  5. The bottom picture is gorgeous!
    I just love Fall, thanks for sharing!

  6. I just LOVE your window box! It's beautiful!!

  7. Just lovely! I particularly like the window box. I ususally put Mums in mine, but I like your pumpkin/gourd idea.

    What a nice idea to let each of the children pick an item.

  8. you've always done such a good job at this!
    now, will you come do mine?

  9. Thanks so much! I have to admit, I'm particularly happy with it this year. (Can I say that?) My mom and I have this ongoing joke because we think we're so creative (because yes, Cutzi-- I am SURE mom thought of this WAY before Martha!!!) Anyway... we're always saying, "So... did the photography crew show up at your place, yet? They've been at my window *all* morning!!! :) Mom told me yesterday: "Martha has already been by today..." :)
    [Aren't we silly?]. Glad you all like it. Go get some gourds and do it at your home! :) And then post a picture on your blog so I can see! :)

    Ame- I'm fresh out of gourds. And the rest of our pumpkins are still green. But if you get some, I'll do it! :) I'm very serious. I had lots of fun doing it. :)


  10. LOVE IT! Think they'd look anywhere near as good up on a second story windowbox??

  11. It looks wonderful, Stacy! And I love the family mantel idea ;) Love, Q

  12. I LOVE your window box - and the beautifully arranged basket on your porch. Yay fall!!!!!

  13. It's all so lovely. Especially the mantle - what a wonderful idea to let your children pick a decoration! And your hubby, too - that is too cute! :)
    Love the windowshelf - as everyone else does!

  14. What great ideas. My kids love to get the baby pumpkins and colored corn to decorate with. The window box idea is brilliant!
    I canned Apple Butter for the first time today and the smell is soooo fall. It's my favorite time of year. Love those gourds too.

  15. I really love the window box, what a great idea. Blessings, Tami

  16. I love the window box! What a great idea!


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