From our garden...

... for the sole purpose of decorating for Fall.


  1. I love decorating for Fall. I'm looking for white pumpkins, anybody know where to find them? I suppose I could just spray paint them.


  2. I bet pumpkins would grown nicely on 12 acres. ;-)

  3. Beautiful! Fall decorating is the best... in my opinion anyway. We're getting ready to set up a fall display, as soon as the fish we're fish-sitting goes home and we have the space back!
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  4. ooo, those are So neat! I am glad we didn't completely wipe out your crops when we were back there looking for the "rat"!
    I don't know why I never got around to planting pumpkins this year! I can't believe its fall already!
    But gardening sure was a delight this year. I can't wait to do better next year.

  5. Cool!!! I so wish I had gotten around to doing these in our garden. So will you show us how nice they look in your house?

  6. Oh wow stacy, I'm so jealous! I only got 3 tiny gourds and my pumpkin vines all went ca-put after my husband cut down a tree that was providing a little shade. The gourds weren't the only thing that was tiny in my garden though, my cantaloupes were the size of small oranges! Funny though, the okra was 6 feet tall. Sigh...maybe next year. Congrats to you though.

  7. WHAT?!??! You didn't see those beautiful pumpkins and gourds underneath all the weeds in our garden???? Shame.


  8. Beautiful, I love the colors!

  9. wow. so purty. you grew these yourselves?

  10. Stacy! Those are marvelous! They will be so fun to work with. Let us know how the decorating goes :)
    Love, Q

    By the way, I like the addition of the "praying for..." to your side bar :)

  11. Nay, a dual purpose - delighting your blogging friends, as well! Nice work! ;)

  12. Love your little had quite the crop! You are such a good farmer my friend...hey, how are your chickens doing these days??

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  13. Nice! Isn't fall decorating the best??

  14. Stacy,
    I just read this intresting fact about mushrooms and I thought you might like to know (for Mark of course)...A new Tufts University study found that white button mushrooms "help boost the body's natural immunity agains tumors and viruses" Just another reason you should like mushrooms!:)


  15. those are very nice. hope you have a good week. Happy Fall.

  16. Thanks. Kimmie- your comment about me being a "good farmer"? Music to my ears. I so want to BE a farmer!!! :)

    Carrie- go away. Go far, far away. I don't EVEN want to hear the word. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

    [But I love you even though you used the M-word.]


  17. Love, love, love these--and the way you arranged them in the windowbox above!

    I didn't grow any this year, but I did buy some surplus from a neighbor at her yard sale.


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