Garden tour

[May 2013: Edited to remove photos that someone else had placed in place of MY photos.  On my blog.  Sigh.  If you're here, my apologies for the photo-less post.]

{this is the whole of my basil crop}

{um. this time last year? my basil plant was about seven times this size.}

{this is some type of parsley. at least that's what we think it is.}


{ella's sunflowers. volunteers from last year.}

{our back garden, there behind the herbs. contains: zucchini, butternut squash, small ornamental gourds, small and large pumpkins}

{dahlias along the side fence}

{our apple tree, which is being ravaged by pesky squirrels which we wish we could shoot}

{our tiny apple tree, just planted last year}

{one of four pots of roma tomatoes}

{moving to the main garden, romaine lettuce}

{lettuce. um, and weeds.}

{cabbages, being eaten by something. and more weeds.}


{cucumbers. one of three hills.}

{bush beans, growing}

{peas along the fence}

{hydrangeas, next to the main garden.}

{in the front yard, more hydrangeas along the fence}

{daisies and other perennials beneath the front windows}

{potted petunias on my window shelf}

These pictures are about one week old. The peas are ready to harvest. I'm going to have to look into how to preserve those. My guess is that we shell them, blanch them, and then freeze them but I'll have to double check. [Have any of you done peas?]

Right after we finish the peas we're going to pick, snip, cut, and can (!!!) the green beans. (Yum. Love canned green beans.) It all needs to be done this week. I told the kids that it's "Harvest Week" at our house and we're going to need lots of help!


  1. wow! Your garden looks so much healthier than mine! Mine is completely overtaken with weeds, the tomatoes have some sort of disease, the squashes all seemed to thrive at the beginning, but have all died,...sigh. I'm hoping to learn from my mistakes, educate myself, and maybe try again next year.
    Have fun harvesting! :)

  2. your garden is gorgeous. I liked this little walk thru.

  3. Looks beautiful Stacy! Are you sure that "parsley" isn't dill?

  4. I love pictures of green things.
    You guys have done such a great job with your yard. I always love it back there!

    Oh and we have an air soft gun if you want to borrow it to take care of those squirrels. (it is legal to use in town...)

  5. Wow! Great job Stacy!

    Your comment about the squirrels made me giggle out loud. And have I ever told you I think you're crazy for loving canning so much? ;) I'm glad you take such joy in it though. :)

    Happy Harvest Week!

  6. eeeeemommy & Emily,
    Thanks for the compliments.

    I'm sure. It's not dill.

    I want the gun.

    You had not confessed that you think I'm crazy!

  7. Stacy,
    Beautiful garden. I was gone for ten days and I MISSED ALL THIS NEWS! Hallelujah! I am praising God for his good gifts-- basil AND babies (not in that order)!

  8. I've shared in the bounty of the garden and it's great!!! Nice work busy lady!

  9. Wow, everything looks great! I love the dahlias!

  10. Looks yummy Stacy...though the one you said is parsley kinda looks like a chamomile plant? Does it have tiny white flowers?

    Happy gardening my sweet friend.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  11. Your garden looks wonderful, Stacy. Great job!

  12. Love your garden! Have been ready to get one started at our house!


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