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*First of all, thank you all for your congratulations and joy for our family! I read each comment aloud to the kids and they were beaming.

*Several questions came in after my On my mind... post about foster care and the hows and whys of it. If I haven't responded to you yet, I will!

*We've been heading out each morning for swimming lessons this week (and will next week, too), which is just a little extra on all of us. The kids love it, but having something on the calendar every day is something I'm glad we don't normally do!

*For those of you who asked how I'm feeling, I am feeling... pregnant. (So, tired, then. Really tired. And nauseous.) Mark is still trying to get used to me heading to bed at 8:30pm- which is about 3 or 4 hours earlier than my usual schedule!- and I'm still trying to get the kids used to the idea of mommy taking a nap every day. [Not always a successful venture, mind you.]

*Something I've learned recently: General public opinion is that five children is far, far too many. Three children is acceptable (but then, why would you, if you have a boy and a girl already?) Four children is toeing the line. But five? People do not know what to do with it. So they say something out of their own discomfort. It's taken a little getting used to, the idea that people have not responded with much enthusiasm. Ah, well. No matter. Thankfully we don't take much stock in other peoples' opinions. We wholeheartedly embrace this truth, instead.

*I just finished reading Charles Martin's new novel Where the River Ends, and can I just say- for the hundredth time- how very much I love his books? He is an excellent storyteller, he writes so well of the tenderness of a marriage, his characters are so real and his books make me cry. I, personally, love that in a book.

That's all for today....
I'm off to make lunch!

Have a wonderful weekend, dear readers!


  1. response to the 5th item: That made me giggle, I guess not everyone takes to motherhood as whole-heartedly, gracefully and capably as you :-) and I know that God has entrusted you with those 5 souls for a reason! You do a beautiful job. (It would be nice, however, if some people would realize that not everyone is interested in their opinion eh?)
    Have a happy (and restful) weekend! :-)

  2. Good job letting people's responses roll off your back. I've heard before that five is the number where people stop responding with much tact. :)

    I love Charles Martin's books too. I recently read When Crickets Cry and I enjoyed it so much that as soon as I finished I literally wanted to turn back to page one and start all over.

    I will remember you in my prayers as your body is hard at work growing that little sweetie! :)

  3. When I am through with the Left Behind Series (almost done!) I am going to check out Charles Martin since you mention his things alot and five kids is a blessing! :)
    My Dad is one of 5 and my very good friend Jill has 5 children. She encounters a few eyebrow raises as well. Oh well. They dont know what they are missing! :)


  4. Amen to that! Children are a gift!

  5. One of my favorite friends Laura was 7, and it was no less exciting for her to have her 7th...it was pretty cool in fact.

    sorry about the sleepiness....but just think, you're growing a human. your body says, WHOA!!!!!

  6. Today we were in Home Depot, the whole fam (we have 5 kids), and as we walked up the aisle with one in the cart, one in the snuggly and three quietly in tow one guy commented to his companion "Whoah, that's a lot of kids. Must be a daycare." I don't even see them as "alot". When I catch a glimpse of only three of them at a time they seem so few and forlorn, LOL!

  7. Well, friend, if it makes you feel any better, #5 was the worst for us in terms of snarky comments and negative responses.

    See, in Christendom, 4 is considered pious and spiritual but the end of the limit, 5 means you must have had an "accident", and anything beyond that... people begin to write you off as kooky. I can handle that.

    And then oddly, by the time you have 6, everyone (and I mean everyone) begins asking why you aren't pregnant yet, and "when is the next one coming?"

    We gave our fifth the middle name Joy because we meant to clearly communicate that she is a joy to us! And no accident :)

  8. It is funny that kenj said what she said about number five, because I was coming here to post the ery same thing.

    I know, too well, the odd looks that come with a fifth pregancy. Seriously, there are days when you can laugh or shrug it off and then there are days when you want to stand on the hood of their car and explain that when they are asked to carry or deliver one of your children, you will be more than happy to ask their opinion of your decision to have more!!! sorry- can you tell I have btdt?)

    God bless you. I will be praying that you have an effortlessly beautiful pregnancy!

  9. Congratulations, how exciting is that!

  10. I apologize for my late congrats! I am personally very happy and excited for you and your family! I think it is wonderful that God has answered your prayers in so many ways with all your children!



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