I wish I were sleeping

But, alas, it's 11:36pm and this is what I'm doing instead:

There's more, too.

And more in the garden.

And another thing: I've come to the rapid conclusion that my regular old canner is much, much easier than a pressure canner. Easier, but not safe for the beans. But, sheesh. And it's no wonder it's called a pressure canner. Watching that gauge to ensure it stays right at "11" for 25 minutes straight is enough to stress anyone out. But that would be Mark's job. Mine is here, snipping beans. ~sigh~

I'll appreciate this come wintertime, I know, when pulling those canned beans off the shelf.

And I did have wonderful little helpers this morning at the crack of dawn.

And those same two were my wonderful little pickers yesterday afternoon.

So that's nice and all. But I am tired.


  1. Wow! Hope you are enjoying a good sleep now....shhhh!

  2. I'm sure you will be glad you stayed up. Hope you had a good sleep.

  3. Oh sweet Stacy! You need some rest! Can I just tell you how much I enjoy watching your ticker each time I come to your blog....I loved when it hit 12 weeks. I'm still marveling in all of God's blessings! Now, put those beans to rest and climb into bed. So glad Mark is helping you. Aaron helps me when we can too!

  4. Hope you got some rest! Enjoy those beans!!

  5. It might seem pointless....until (like yous said) winter comes 'round and no one has any FRESH produce...only canned from the grocery store. But you...YOU will have thought ahead and your fam. will taste the difference. :)

  6. That is the most serious green-bean-face i have ever seen! (Those are green beans, right? I wouldn't know, because I have not seen anything that looks like that growing in my DISASTER GARDEN this year!)

    And what GREAT helpers you have there!!

    If you run out of shelf space, just USPS them my way!! I will "keep" them for you!!


  7. oh the look on your face is just CLASSIC and I chuckled at your "pressure" comment, I hear ya! You are not alone...

  8. LOL, Stacy :) I'm with Michelle about the green-bean-face! Love you, Q

  9. We have been dealing with I mean enjoying about that many apples from my grandpa's tree. They've been out on the counter and now so are the fruit flies... I finally got the box of remaining apples small enough so I could fit them in the fridge in hopes that the fruit flies will kindly go away. BUT oh that freezer full of applesauce, crisps and sliced apples will be nice this winter!!!

    Keep at it Stacy!

  10. Well if you have to be up late snipping beans, at least you look super cute doing it!

  11. I love the pictures of Isaias and Ella working so hard to help you! So sweet.

    And when your picture loaded up I laughed! Your funny!

    I really hope they turn out canned. Man they look great fresh! Good job Mrs. Green thumb!

  12. Please, please teach me! I want to grow a bountiful harvest of beans next year, too! I'll gladly stay up all night with them! We got some beans this year, and they were delicious, but not as many as I'd hoped. I need some serious gardening intervention. Please share your bean-growing wisdom with me!

  13. Stacy, you amaze me. No woman I know with 5 kids cans beans. Good for you.....

  14. *hee*

    that look on your face...priceless.

    wish i was there to give you a hug and clean up the kitchen while you take a nap. :)

    you are precious.

  15. Stacy, the look on your face...sorry you were so tired, but it is just perfect!


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