Open house: Sunday, August 31

Listening to...
The hum of the dishwasher, and the sounds of Mark doing something by the back door (taking out the garbage?)

Thankful for...
The baby growing within me (!)....the apples we gathered and picked today... the fact that fall has arrived here in our town. (And, um.... I know I had a minor setback in the spring when I may have said that spring was my favorite season because the lilacs were blooming. But I was lying. Because the lilacs? They only bloom for a week. But Fall? It's here for a WHOLE season.) And I love it. So let's all just pretend that I didn't say that. Because Fall is definitely my favorite season.

In the kitchen...
Apple pie, for Mark- just out of the oven. Earlier today: vegetable soup (zucchini, peas, carrots, onions, and basil- all from the garden), and some potatoes and celery tossed in, too. AND the kids loved it.

I recently completed a dress for Ella, (I'll try to post a picture soon) and the top of a quilt I'm making.

Lies Women Believe, by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I knew nothing about this book other than that I'd seen it on a couple of peoples' book lists. I'm really enjoying it.
The Long Winter, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. (With the kids.) And it's so good I can barely put it down. I am continually tempted to sneak off into my room with it and read it by myself.
A Charlotte Mason Companion, by Karen Andreola. Again.

In the yard/garden...
There are some cucumbers, carrots, and herbs. A little rhubarb. And our gourds/pumpkins/squash patch is taking over our yard. It is out of control. Mark told me yesterday that there's a HUGE butternut squash growing in there so I'm thrilled. YUM.

Praying for...
My frustrated heart towards my frustrating son.

In the CD player today...
Addison Road. Have you heard the song What Do I Know of Holy? A great song. And I love that girls voice. You can scroll down and listen to a bit of the song here. I can't vouch for any other song on the CD, but that song, I love.

Thinking about...
Homeschooling for this year. I know what we're doing, just not when we'll be doing it. (How many days will we school, what our schedule will look like, etc...)

Looking forward to...
A road trip and Beth Moore conference coming up with my friend Michelle.

You all have a wonderful day!


  1. I just LOVE these posts!! Makes me feel like I came over for coffee or something!!!

  2. How exciting about the road exciting about the baby growing in your exciting about fresh veggie soup and pie.

    It's a great week, huh?

  3. Hi Stacy :) It's a joy to read these precious pieces of what you're thinking and doing!

    You are reading a couple of my very favorite books (Long Winter and CM Companion), and the Lies book is in my drawer on the TODO list :)

    Happy September to you! Love, Q

  4. Thank you for the heads up about Addison Road! Had not heard of this band and I went to the link - love it!!!
    I have one of those frustrating sons as well...mine is 13. Someone once said that the greatest challenges bring the greatest rewards. That's what I am praying! Be blessed! Lisa

  5. How are you feeling??? What's your official due date? Tell me everything!

  6. Lovely family - lovely day. I'm hankering for some of that apple pie ... {{{{hugs}}}} Hope you are feeling well!

  7. I am reading Lies Young Women beleive and if Lies women beleive is anything like it it will be an awesome book. Hope you like it!


  8. I started praying for Small Group friends on Thursdays and pregnant friends on get prayed for twice (at least) every week. Love you.

  9. I don't know if I have been by to say congratulations yet...

    I am really excited for you and your family to add an new little one. Hope the pregnancy is as easy as possible.


  10. I hope you find some help for you and your son! We had some issues with our son (adopted from India). We talked to tons of people trying to find some help. We finally did and things are much smoother now. Ever want to talk stop on by my Place Called Home blog. I'll send you my email. Hugs to you while you try to sort it all out! Sometimes it takes talking to someone who has been there and done that to work through all of the feelings!

  11. I so enjoy your "Open House" posts.
    Makes me feel like I know you in real life...almost.
    My husbands favorite is apple pie and I haven't made one in a LONG time....thanks for the reminder :o)

    I would also love to hear what you are doing for school this year and your routine etc. I have found it great to hear what others are doing to glean new ideas and keep things fresh.

    Thanks too for your kind words on my blog. I will be praying for you and your your little guy. All those quilities that DRIVE us crazy, once submitted to God, will only prove to help them lead their wives and children one day as well as the body. I remember days where I thought he and then I were possessed. We weren't... but I had my doubts some days.

    Love to you and your cute little family.

    P.S. What's neat is I too have an "Ella" personality for my first born. Early reader, so helpful and gentle. Made the second one such a surprise, though no less a blessing.


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