I only have a few minutes but things will likely be quiet around the blog this week (busy week ahead!) so I wanted to get something written.

We are headed out in a little bit to go blueberry picking. My mom will join us, so that will be nice. I'm not planning on doing much with them, just have some on hand to eat fresh for the next few days, maybe make some blueberry muffins, too- and any extras we can toss in the freezer.

When Mark gets off from work late this afternoon we'll head out to the Fair for the evening. Can't wait.

13 quarts of beans are canned, and I'll need to go out to the garden today to pick some more. They were probably ready for a second picking two days ago but I couldn't bear to go out and check. We're getting the hang of the pressure canner, though, and the second canner-full went much faster than the first. I'm thankful to have a handy assistant in Mark.

Adelia is sitting up! (Isn't she perfectly adorable?)

Okay, time to go...
Tell me what you're up to today!


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  2. Stacy --
    I am going to the fair tonight as well!! Maybe I'll find you there! I look forward to that. Can I just say...Adelia is absolutely ADORABLE! Love, love, love her sweet face!

  3. We went to our county fair today too--how fun! Hope you all enjoy it very much.


  4. she IS beautiful :-) doesn't seem like she is old enough to be sitting yet ;-)

  5. it was so fun to see you guys at the fair. i can't believe how many beans you have processed! terrific.
    and blueberries too! wow. you just do it all don't you!

  6. Hey hey! We are heading to California tomorrow morning. Spending the night in a hotel by the airport at Grandma's. Sniff.

    Will keep the other blog updated.

  7. 13 go girl! And yes, your baby is adorable!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  8. Stacy, little Miss Adelia is gorgeous and such a big girl. How the grow so fast.


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