Guess what?

I get to go on a road trip with my dear friend Michelle!

She is flying here, and then we're renting a car and driving to MONTANA! (Montana because there's a Beth Moore conference there this weekend. Otherwise, I am very sure that Montana wouldn't be our first choice for a retreat locale (my apologies if you have strong affection for the state.) But this was the weekend we could both do it, Beth Moore was high on our list of events, Montana was where she happened to be speaking, and so we planned our trip around that.

I am looking forward to... hours of uninterrupted talking time with Michelle, stops for coffee along the way, rest, eating out, hearing Beth Moore and taking lots of notes, worshiping, and finally- coming home to see my family again (oh, I will miss them!)

Mark will be home with the kids~ all of them~ for the the next four full days! He'll do great and they'll do great. Actually, they'll do more than great because when daddy's home the schedule is a little looser and it's a well-established fact that daddy is way more fun than mommy could ever hope to be.

As excited as the kids will be to see me home, I'm sure it will be short-lived because taskmaster-mommy will be ready to get back into routine and start school, and I'm sure they'll be wishing their time with daddy had been even longer.

In the meantime, the blog will be quiet. I'll be back next week.

Have a great weekend!

[Below: Update on our hen, Missy]


  1. A girlfriend road trip AND Beth Moore? I am so jealous. :-)

    Have a great, safe trip!!

  2. Montana is gorgeous in parts. And folks are nice, so you'll enjoy yourself.

    and eat junk food and stay up late in our honor, okay?

  3. Have a great time!
    Maybe it's just being pregnant but the stopping for coffee and eating out sounds like the most fun part to me...hehehe.

  4. Wow, you have a wonderful time. I'm sure you will come home refreshed and ready to dive back into your routine.

  5. Please do share the amazing transformation of your children's beds into... well, whatever Mark makes out of cardboard. I promise to be inspired.

  6. How FUN for you! I would love to go hear Beth Moore. Will you tell her Jodi says hi? ;)

    And all of that time talking to a great girlfriend? Heavenly.

    Do you think moms would be as fun as dads if moms were the ones who worked all week and dads were the ones the kids were stuck with day in and day out? I wonder that sometimes. :)

    Have a great trip Stacy!!!

  7. have a wonderful time :)


  8. Have a GREAT trip with your friend!

  9. super fun... i missed beth when she was in LA this last time... I'm super jealous in the happiest way for you.
    I imagine you are all filled up now, eh?
    sounds amazing.
    and Mark seems to have done amazingly in your absence.... what a blessed woman you are!


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