Old photos

I was looking at some older pictures last week, and I thought I'd post a few here so that you can see, too!

These are all from 2005:


Aack! Do you see that chubby boy Isaac? A baby. I could literally cry over it. He's growing so fast.


Isaac getting dedicated. Chubby Ella there, in the front.


At a wedding, just a couple of weeks after Isaias was home.


When there were three...
Isaias was so serious when he first came home. Such a cutie, though, isn't he?


Isaias, 2006. So handsome.

Alright. That's it for the old photos.

Now- I'm off to get dinner on and then our family is headed to our first Keepers Family Night- where Ella will be presented the pins she's been awarded so far. Very fun.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. This is SUCH a great idea. Do a monthly 'old photos' ring or something. I love seeing the growth between each set of pics. (esp. extra baby growth...)

  2. Love your blog. The pics are great. I love pics.

    Would love for you to join us for our Fruit of the Spirit Friday!
    Come on over and join the fun!


  3. LOVE seeing these pictures of people I love. Super cute.

  4. Cute pictures! I remeber sweet little Isaac in the nursery. (Hey, who is the great looking family next to you in the dedication picture? hehe)

  5. Such cute pictures. They grow up so fast!

    Hope you are well,

  6. So cute-- I enjoyed these immensely!
    Hope all is well, dear friend! You are often in my thoughts and prayers.


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