Michelle and I got home yesterday from a whirlwind road trip to Montana:

30+ hours of driving, (over 2000 miles!), hours of conversation, a Beth Moore conference, and a little site-seeing on the side. (I discovered early on that Michelle is the type of traveler that likes a map on her lap and an eye out for those brown signs that invite you to pull over for a "Scenic Look-out" or a "Historical Monument". :))

We had a great time, and I'll post pictures soon.

I came back home to a (clean) house full of my favorite people on the planet: Mark and the kids. They did great while I was away.

Although no new cardboard structures are up, daddy once again proved that he's the most-fun parent: he set up our tent indoors so the kids could play "camp-out" and they played in there during the days and got to sleep in it one night. The other nights? They took turns sleeping with daddy in our bed.

And- further proof? Here's a snippet of an email I received from Mark while I was gone:

We had a long breakfast. I would say late, but we started at a decent hour (8:30). It just takes a long time to make and eat the entire Revolutionary War in pancakes (redcoats, colonists, American and British flags, cannons, cannonballs, horses, boats, trees for the colonists to hide behind, and -- because I spilled an extra red blob of pancake batter on the griddle -- blood.) We didn't finish until almost 10 or so.

[And we wonder why Isaac is always playing with his food. ~smile~]

Another thing worth mentioning: Addie is saying "mama". (Mark worked hard with her on that while I was gone.) She now says it all the time, and it is very cute, but I'm pretty confident she has made no correlation between the word mama and me. :) At least not yet.

We took Michelle to the airport this morning and now we'll settle back into normal life.

How are all of you?


  1. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time- and it sounds like Mark and the kids did too! How fun to hear Addie say mama! I hope you're rested and refreshed. Well, refreshed at least!

  2. We get to move into our new home this weekend, but at least it's not 2,000 miles away. That long drive sounds pretty tough to me. :) I'm a crabby driver, but that's usually 'cause there are kids w/ me. I bet it was FABULOUS not having to stop when they needed to potty. hhaha

  3. so glad you had a great time! sounds like the kids probably had a great time w/dad too.

  4. Wow...he really IS fun. :) Looking forward to pictures!

  5. Although I don't think I would have seen you (except at church, it's good to know you're home.
    Mama? She says "Mama?" So precious. I'm excited for that time.
    Tons of cool stuff this week...one of which is...Maggie's had a few rice cerial meals. Exciting and sad all at the same time.
    Talk to you soon.

  6. Ah, Mark. You and my hubby would get along so well! I come home to find sketches of forts and airplanes made out of wood and bonfires in the backyard... he is the fun one. :)

    So glad you had a good trip, Stacy!

  7. Yay!! You had a great time! I am so glad. And isn't it wonderful to come home to a loving family - and a CLEAN house!! I can't wait to see pictures - Love to you.


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