The move to maternity clothes

I spent some time this morning going through my closet and pulling out my regular-fitting clothes (um, and even my one-size up clothes) to make room for the maternity clothes.

Somehow I always feel guilty during this stage of pregnancy. Like there's this permissible period with which to move on to maternity apparel and I'm always doing it months earlier than I ought to be.

And yet... I have only one pair of my regular pants (knit, stretchy black pants) that fit me at the moment (but barely!), and every other day I end up wearing pajama bottoms or the equivalent of them (thus, not something I'm wanting to wear OUT of the house.)

The other problem is that it's REALLY hard for me to find pants that are long enough. I always get "long" or "tall", which usually means I order them online- which is hard enough with regular pants but seemingly impossible with maternity pants. Ask me how I know. In the past month I've ordered two pairs of size tall maternity pants, one at the Gap and one at Old Navy, and--both of them? Ugly.

I've spent a couple of weeks considering taking my exisiting pants and making them maternity pants. (I'd love to know if anyone has actually done this.) But then- do I really want to make my regular pants maternity pants? For just this "short' season? (Although Amy reminded me the other day that it's a whole lot longer than I remember; there's that after-the-baby comes season where you can't fit into your regular clothes, either.) But what if, in the attempt to cut into my pants and add some sort of belly panel or elastic-y band, I do it wrong and end up ruining a perfectly good pair of pants? Ugh.

So I set out today with the intent to find some pants. I brought along with me two pairs of my "perfectly good pants" with which to make into maternity pants if I had to resort to that. My last stop was going to be the fabric store to pick up some knit material or some wide elastic.

I first went to the three consignment stores in town to check out their selection of maternity clothes. And that was laughable. There was nothing there that was even remotely a possibility, unless I want to wear highwaters for the rest of my pregnancy. Which I don't.

I finally ended up at Motherhood Maternity. And I've looked there before but am aware that they don't have long/tall pants. But I marched right up to the saleswoman and told her that I knew they didn't carry long or tall sizes but I have long legs and needed some pants. This wonderful girl- the most helpful salesperson I've met in years (because when do you ever find one of those anymore?)- said she'd walk through the store and pull down all the pants that run longer in the legs and bring them to my room. And she did.

I wanted to hug her.

And I left the store with THREE pairs of pants. Success!

I even tried them on for Mark when I got home and he said they were cute. And he was even okay with the amount of money I spent to get those cute pants.

I'll likely still be wearing pj pants around the house (and we don't go out much, so that's handy), but now? When I want to leave the house? I can look presentable.

And can I just say? I LOVE the fact that God is growing a baby within my belly big enough to where I need some maternity clothes. Oh, and- for the past few weeks? I can feel this little one moving inside me. I am so, so, SO grateful.


  1. How great that you found pants and a helpful saleswoman! If you have a need for more, you could try one of these

    it would allow you to wear your regular pants without attaching anything to them :)


  2. Yep, those Motherhood girls tend to know their stuff. This last pregnancy I discovered their secret fit belly pants and loved them. They stayed up and were comfy. Glad you found some that work for you, and so, so glad you need them!

  3. I am really excited to hear that you found pants! That is fantastic!

    We enjoyed reading Heidi. Hope you guys do too.

    I can't believe I didn't know you are feeling the baby moving. Reading that made me want to cry. That is so, so wonderful!

  4. i'm so glad you found some you like!
    and, how exciting that you are feeling the baby now. that is soo awesome! i love that feeling!

  5. I loved Motherhood Maternity! I'm glad you found good pants there, and I'm glad that I don't have to! (Um, I think 3 boys is enough) :-)

  6. lucky you. and blessed! smiling over God's graciousness in your life...lisa

  7. I'm feeling cheated. Where are the cute belly shots and pics of your pants? I felt all with you until the end and realized I wanted to SEE them.

    show me the pants. :)

    (and belly)

  8. Yay for you. I loved when I finally got to wear my maternity pants (yes it was my first preg and I hate no idea how much I would hate them by the end)'cause it ment I was that much more preg. No! I'm not just "growing out of my pants! See! Maternity, I'm growing a baby!
    Glad you found cute ones, can't wait to see them!

  9. Hi Stacy :) Oh, I love reading these notes from these precious days!

    As I read I kept thinking - I hope she stopped by Motherhood - and you did! I found the most wonderful jeans there, and my very favorite skirt of all time. When there is no more "after baby belly" to hold it up, I shall be looking for a way to make it keep fitting :)

    By the way, you know I am not the picture queen, but I am so with Emily on the "want to see" request ;) Love you! Q

  10. Yay for feeling Baby!!! And yay for cute maternity pants! I actually felt a sense of relief when you said you left with three pairs. I was not okay with the thought that you would have to go through your pregnancy without a suitable pair of pants.

    I remain so excited for you and your new little sweetie!

  11. Laura,
    My friend *just* told me about those belly bands. I'd never heard of them before that. I think she's going to find it and let me borrow... although I think I'm afraid (without seeing it) that wearing my pants unbuttoned with a belly band on top would not necessarily prevent my pants from falling down. It must be some magic. :)
    Thanks for the tip.

    Yep. One of the pairs I got today was that whole "Secret Fit Belly" pant. I'm all about comfy. :)

    Me, too. So thankful.
    We're only on Chapter 2 in Heidi, (because first request is always Little House) but I know they'll love it, because I sure did when I was younger!

    Wendy, Beth, Lisa,
    Thanks! :)

    Aw, shucks. I considered laying them on the floor and snapping a picture for this post, but I was too lazy (and comfy on the couch) to get up. But clearly now I should have taken the time to do that since now you want a belly *and* pants shot. Yikes. I'll think about it.

    I can't get your "CBJ's" conversation out of my head. I had to ask Mark today if they were "CBJ's" or not. ~smile~

    Thank you, sweet you.
    Yep. Motherhood is now my friend.
    Like I said to Emily, I'll think about the posting pictures scenario.

    Yes. I felt much relief. MUCH.
    Thanks for your joy over our news. :)



    check out these belly bands...for use before, during, and after pregnancy!

  13. Yes. I would LOVE to see a picture of your cute pregnant self. Motherhood is a great store - they really do know how to find stuff that actually fits. How tall are you? I didn't realize that you were tall! I have the opposite problem - pants are normally too long on me.

  14. I am SOOO excited for you. Those early days of movement are so fun. I was thinking about you last night and trying to figure out how far apart we are in weeks. It's 17 weeks.
    Anyway, just so glad your belly is growing and so thankful with you about this new life. New life is truly a miracle!

    Bless you my friend!

  15. Oh how delightful! Simply delightful.

  16. I'm on the belly band bandwagon Stacy. I still use mine after 3 months with baby #3 I am not quite back to my prebaby stage and this band makes it possible to wear most of my pants. Motherhood sells them for $15 so don't think you have to buy the $40 online version....or you could probably make it since I know you're crafty.

    God bless you and your sweet growing family.
    Kami Nygren


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